Conservatives Aren't Good at Holding Conservative Leaders Accountable


What's fascinating to me is how those of us who would describe ourselves as conservatives typically don't hold our leaders accountable to conservative principles. In other words, George Bush, in many ways, was not much of a conservative. And we let him get away with that at the time. And so that's shame on us. Because honestly, the more time passes, the older you get, the more clear it is, that you can never let this go. You can never let this go. You have to, we have to make the case for these conservative principles. And you know, I don't even want the word conservative. These are foundational American principles. This is the founder's vision of small government of genuine liberty. I talk a lot about this about how we have ceased to really teach what that is. And as you see, to teach what that is, it's much easier to drift, which is why we've been

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