Exposing an FBI Bombshell With Congressman Jim Jordan


One of the best arguments for us to take back the house is to make sure Jim Jordan is in a position of leadership. Congressman Jordan, welcome back to the program. Good to be with you, Charlie and thanks for thanks for all you're doing for the cause of freedom. We appreciate it. Thank you. Well, you're fighting every single day. So congressman walk us through this new whistleblower. Seems like there's a lot of whistleblowers right now at the FBI and it's kind of it's hard to keep them all straight. Walk us through the one that you're kind of focused on right now that reveals scandalous push by FBI to pad domestic teradata. Please go ahead. Yeah, yeah. Your first point there, we've had over a dozen FBI agents come to us as whistleblowers. And think about it. They're coming to us when we're in the minority where we can't subpoena documents. They're just coming to us because it's so bad, the political nature of that place now is so, so egregious that they're willing to come to us just so we can begin to tell their story and tell the truth to the American people. And we had one come to us in the last few weeks who said that they are being pressured to label almost every case. The catalog or categorize almost every case as a domestic terrorism case as it didn't do it. Domestic violence extremism, I think, is the technical term they use. And you remember, they created this office within DoJ back as the start of this year. They stood it up a few months ago. And now they're being pressured to do it. And kind of the interesting thing about it is they said one of the key people who was doing the pressuring on the good rank and file agents is this guy named Timothy T bolt, who just happens to be the same guy who the other whistleblower, a different whistleblower who went to senator grassley, said was the individual who was responsible for suppressing evidence about the Hunter Biden story. So first thing evidence that would have disproved the whole disinformation campaign that we got from the left in the run up to the 2020 presidential election. So that's how political displace has become and it's why we're trying to tell the story and as you point out, hopefully if we get in the majority, we can do a little more about it.

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