The Hidden Religious Themes Behind Superman


Story is an interesting one. I don't know that one as well as Batman. But there is only one way to be able to basically stop Superman kryptonite and the story of Superman. What is the biblical, not The Batman versus Superman, but the biblical story? Well, Superman Superman is probably the biggest parallel to Jesus in virtually all the superheroes. It's interesting because Superman was actually nietzschean when it was written. It was actually written as a nihilist by the two guys from Cleveland. I can't remember their names. But so tell me, well, it turns out that Superman is sent here by a God of another world to save this world. He is the son of this God, jor el, I think his name is. And he stays incognito until the age of 33. As Clark Kent, right? But he's staying incognito so he can complete his mission of trying to save this world from evil, and then by the time he hits 33, then people start to realize, oh, this Clark Kent is really Superman. This Jesus is really God. So it's a parallel to the Christians of the messianic story. Yeah, the messianic story. And you find this in all of these superhero movies.

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