Is the GOP Winning Voters? Or Is the Left Just Losing Them?


You see, we talked yesterday about the 1 million voters switching to the Republican Party in a warning sign for Democrats. But I do not believe this is because of the brilliance of the Republican Party. I believe this is because of how terrible the left is. Now, the left is terrible for the time being. I've actually think we're going to have a generation of Democrats digging a deeper and deeper hole. Of policies and ideas and a worldview that is deeply unpopular because it runs against nature. You see, we're going to celebrate July 4th coming up actually on Friday. We're going to do our July 4th show in anticipation of July 4th next week because we're taking off an Independence Day. And when we do our July 4th show on Friday as we talk about the Continental Congress and we talk about what exactly was being debated when the declaration was being written, primarily by Thomas Jefferson, there's this beautiful line about the laws of nature and nature's God. We talk about that a lot on this program. So nature comes from the Latin word, which means birth comes out of the earth. Things that do not change. You see, inherent in being a conservative is you believe there is a certain natural law. You believe there's laws of economics, you believe that there's laws of thermodynamics. There's laws of physics. There's laws of politics and there's laws of nature. And so a conservative generally recognizes that men can not become pregnant. Generally recognizes that life is sacred. And so you kind of live within the framework of what we would call reality.

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