Krystle Matthews Wins SC Primary Runoff Despite Crazy Leaked Call


Support. James O'Keefe hits home run after home run, and he recently has an amazing one from his project veritas action as well, and yesterday I think was his birthday. James, welcome back to Charlie Kirk show. Great to be with you, Charlie. What a big story this isn't South Carolina. Tell us all about it. Well, this is a democratic candidate for the United States Senate, running in the primary, the primary was last night, June 28th, which is also my 38th birthday, so quite a bit. It's also Elon Musk's birthday, by the way, June 28th is quite a day. And this is the crystal Matthews using racially charged language while encouraging illicit campaign tactics. She was caught on a, in a she was talking to someone inside of a jail. And it was a recorded line and a whistleblower provided this to us. Some of these quotes are pretty incendiary. This is the candidate. And by the way, she won last night. So now she's going to face Tim Scott. The South Carolina U.S. senator in the general election. She said, quote, where's my dope money, my duffel bag boys? Give me that dope money. Honestly, and I'm an N word at heart. I love black people. We need folks that can wear black at night and take down their effing yard signs. I mean, just this is just some of the most shocking things you'll over here. Now, just this week, yesterday, the house legislator in South Carolina has put together an ethics committee to investigate this woman who has just won last night the primary in South Carolina. And a lot more to say, but that's the

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