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West Virginia, Marijuana, Thomas Jefferson discussed on Transition Virginia


I I can't remember exactly how many seats it is. But it's something like there's only eleven states in Virginia's one of them where marijuana is entirely illegal. So you get you get mutations on the theme right so you get some medical some states where it's already decreasing the extreme so Colorado Levin one extreme Virginia would be the other extreme. It's like what and and don't forget. California had entire fifteen year period where they were full medical where they would hand out those medical cards candy. It was de facto legalised but they had an entire experiment that lasted nearly a generation. Where Coma if you had anxiety if you had whatever common problem one thing you could pursue was medical marijuana. I find it fascinating to that in a state where we don't. We're not able to deficit spend in Virginia. We have a balanced budget amendment. That goes back to Thomas Jefferson. The you have debatable. They're still deficit spending. Actually that's kind of a ruse but okay Michael. We'll stay with it all right now at all the the it's strikes me that dims are missing a huge opportunity on this issue one. It's one of their most popular platform issues. And it's bipartisan too. So it's a great way to make new friends in my opinion to everyone out not everyone but people out in south west already growing it and it seems to me like you might have the ability to reach out to rural. Democrat or rural future. Democrats will call rural voters. And maybe some kind of subsidy. Because you can't do interstate commerce with the product yet and subsidy to replace the old coal subsidies that we had out south. West Virginia like a HEM subsidy. Sure yeah we do have industrial hemp and the state but the it strikes me as such a bizarre phenomenon that Democrats got elected by the people who wanna see this legalized. It's one of their most popular policy platforms and we're now that we have. The reins of power has Democrats. Were and I am a Democrat pumping the brakes on this and are the Democrats really breaks. I'm not sure I agree with that like because I think if you're on the other side of this issue you would not agree with pumping the brakes. You would think the Democrats are really taken this ball and running with it or how well again like if you're out in southwestern if you're in a air here that needs to grew crops. This has the potential to be a very popular issue for your constituents and I can definitely actually beneficial. I would imagine. Oh Yeah Oh yeah. It has the ability to become the next cash crop of the Commonwealth of Virginia. And were set up. You've got altria in the state which I'm sure is desperately wanting to sell Marlboro Greens. You've TM sorry you're here. I folks you've got you've got farmers who are in the state who can't sell their goods to China is such an easy easy low hanging fruit or where we'd I would do for Democrats to make new friends or across the aisle especially but I definitely think there's some trepidation because you WanNa make sure you do it right you. Don't people get really scared? And they look at some of the mistakes that have been made in other states and they want to make sure that they're whatever steps we take. We take the right steps. Okay so in your reporting what have you found to be some of the pitfalls of the policy generally Yeah I don't know if I can go to detail no pitfalls quote Thomas. I'll tell you something I have heard people talk about pitfalls but I don't I can't health studies journalism thing than policy thing but one thing that I've noticed anytime I do any story about marijuana decriminalization legalization. Anything wouldn't tell me if you have this experience. Do My page views go way up like huge like the most viewed stuff that I've ever done in my career has been about marijuana. Yeah people love the topic. That's for sure and I think it definitely crosses political political boundaries. I think people on Democrat or Republican. Everybody has an opinion about about the legalization or decriminalization..

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West Virginia, Marijuana, Thomas Jefferson discussed on Transition Virginia

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