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Up. She charged one hundred twenty dollars per child for one hour class held one day a week for a total of eight weeks. She then made over two thousand dollars from that first class working total of approximately eight hours. So you do the math that breaks down to about two hundred and fifty dollars per hour. After that, she decided to expand. She has two classes that craft class n a jewelry making class. She also began to offer her class to other elementary schools in the area and to now holds class at five to ten schools per week. In eight weeks time doing this, she made twelve thousand dollars pretty good profit for working only one hour a day. You could say, making money using this model is child's play, but to be clear, this kind of work is it for everyone does take a certain personality type to work with kids and may put it's perfect side hustle for a stay at home mom or anyone with villa -bility in the afternoon. And team side-hustle school would like to add would also be good if you had a lot of patients to deal with large groups of young children. So far as worst part of the experience was teaching the very first class, she says it was chaos. She wasn't sure how to set it up or teach the kids and manage time simultaneously. It was a challenge to maintain control while keeping the children engaged. She learned from that experience. However, in is now a master at kids craft instruction. She also says it's helpful to research project ideas on Pinterest and Google image search before starting classes. So if you fit the Bill, if you are interested in this kind of project, how could you get started? The first step would be to approach your local elementary schools or your school district. If they allow private vendors to hold after school classes. The next step would be to find out what kind of background checks insurance you need. Once you take care of those prerequisites, all that remains is deciding what kind of class you'd like to teach. So what's next for this crafty mom for Noor may wants to continue expanding her classes to more schools which makes sense that she's doing really well with it. She also has a website where she offers it to to'real for sale on how to start your own after school enrichment class, even considering the possibility of franchise. Okay. So this is a service based side hustle, as opposed to a product may has to physically go into the classroom every day or whenever her classes are and teach that class to the kids. She's a really good hourly rate for it, but of course she has to be there. So these facts on their own percents, pretty obvious pros and cons. First of all, super low start up costs for project like this and her case. She had to do that background check in purchasing supplies, but the supply purchase, we're good for an entire year. And once you have that background check done, then it's done. It's a one off cost. There's also no inventory aside from those supplies. So the approval from the school board could take a minute but side from that, this kind of project is the sort of thing that you can start really quickly. You can start and get real world feedback. You know, right away pretty much if it's gonna work or not, or at least if it has real potential not stuck in a waiting period. You're not having to make decisions without a lot of information. So all that is great. Now with the product, on the other hand, you have more of an opportunity for passive income. Okay. So we recently featured the guy who has the three hundred thousand dollar. Coffee grinder. It's not a coffee grinder for sale for three hundred thousand dollars. He's just sold three hundred thousand dollars worth of this manual coffee grinder. A very small and simple basic item, and that's a product that sells every day on Amazon. Okay. So the guy who sells it can sleep in one day. If he ever decides to take a day off, you can say, you know what? I'm gonna sleep in not even gonna make my morning coffee. And yet when ever he rolls out of bed at noon and checks his website, stats, he can see he's made money in those hours that he was oversleeping. Okay. So that's pretty cool. Another consideration this decision of Joe have chronic have service, which we won't go into a lot here today, but just to touch on it is the role of personality. So often talk about skills like how skills are so important. And I think it's actually more important to pay attention to your skills than your passions while your personality also matters. So some people really enjoy teaching or doing consultations or coaching or mentoring, whatever it is. Other people would say, absolutely not. I don't want to do that. I wanna stay on my computer and find coffee. Grinders can resell to other people that I never actually meet. So there's a lot more to that, but that's the general principle. It's not just what business is best with side-hustle. Should you choose? It is what is best for you and also for you at this time because to go back full circle where we started, I also can change and it's actually very common that you're gonna do something for a while and then something changes either you change or the environment changes the market changes, the need to find something else. So may was able to do that. She had a previous business reselling phone chargers which has nothing to do with this project that was a product based business, but she was able to apply her creative thinking skills and her willingness to take action to create this new completely different side hustle service based business where she brings in twelve thousand dollars eight weeks. So good work may. Thank you for sharing your story with our community and listeners. Hope you enjoyed this one. Always remember, inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is such better today. Shouts are at satisfied school dot com. Slash five ninety eight. I also want to give a shout out today to a friend of mine, Scott Harrison. He has got a new book coming out. In the fall thirst MRs memoir starting the global nonprofit organization known as charity water. I've been friends with Scott for a decade used to work with him in Liberia and banana when he was first getting started before charity water, and he's a fabulous guy who's built a fantastic organization serving millions of people all of the world. He's actually donating one hundred percent of his royalties from this book back into water projects. If you wanna check that out in priori, the book thirst, that would be awesome. It's a great. I haven't advanced copy here on my desk, but I'm gonna participant okapi as well because I want to support the great work that he's doing. Okay, speaking, great work. Go do some great work. I'll be back again tomorrow. My name is Chris kilovolt and this is sinus school.

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