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Exactly yeah it will never be the first one but it's it's cute. It's like they're cowboys. Okay right into this. Why not and there's a lot more. Christopher liden exactly yes. Oh my god and he's so funny in it. It's great when mary steenburgen right. Yes just she's like she's so much more in the third one it's great near the cinerama dome did a marathon of all three of them a couple years ago. I think they've done it a few times. Hopefully someone's going to buy the cinerama dome amazing. That can't go away. i don't think it will. There's too many film people that want to see it survive easy. Is it in the valley. It's on this either sunset or hollywood boulevard. Okay i think. I know that i've been there a lot. But that doesn't that doesn't mean anything. I take cars places. Although i've been walking around my neighborhood more and getting more familiar with how the street connects with that connects with this. My sense of direction is remedial is a being overly positive overly generous. I don't really have much of one. But i rely on. Gps same. i was gonna say same hard same. I don't know what i would do without my phone if i had to drive somewhere without my phone. Well i mean for the most part and navigate. But there's sometimes like i was living in laurel canyon for Like my first two months of living in l. a. and i got my phone stolen show ono. This is so embarrassing. But i'm gonna say because maybe some like queer person that has no sense of direction will feel validated through it. And that's why. I'm doing it for the gays anyways so i called my mom from orange county to help me get. We've all been there. I understand directions and keeping your room clean. A friend of mine was like oh is always need to clean their room. And i was like thank you. I appreciate that things can't keep my room clean. Can't tell directions. And if you've ever driven to a house in laurel canyon like in the hills allure kenny. It's hard it's scary and at night. It's scary did you. Enjoy living in rural kenya. I loved it i was. I lived across the street from jared leto. But i never actually saw him visiting his down. I had friends stay over and they always said always home doing yoga..

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