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Two hundred thousand really in ten years right it started back in two thousand one congress gave every that the right to a funeral with military honors including two uniformed officers to present a flag and play taps the problem was the military only had five hundred view blaze so they sent someone to play a recorded taps on a boom box or an electronic device inside a bugle tom day who played in the marines in the fifties didn't like it i call it stolen dignity that these veterans can't get live taps when we are out there ready to perform live taps so he started his organization recruiting four hundred one players within a year now we have six thousand two hundred seventy horn players and we're doing twenty two hundred funerals a month it's become quite an operation the day runs out of his basement near chicago families can go on his website to ask for a bugler a message is sent to every horn player within one hundred miles of the funeral they gives away bugles and helps with uniform while they get support from foundations he runs a deficit every year how do you make up for the shortfall i kind of make it up myself fifteen twenty thousand dollars a year probably ten you finished last of the twenty four notes to put the horn down and the flag has been presented then the family comes over the cases the handshakes from these families is nothing no amount of money could ever buy the feeling that i get from the family once i finish the twenty four but soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan plus eighteen hundred veterans of world war two dying every day there is a flood of military funerals day who was sixty nine cents he wants to keep going until he dies then leaders organization in solid shape to carry on i want every family to have live tabs at that going away presentation of their veteran and it kind of tells the marines who are guarding the gates in heaven live to apps we're gonna let this veteran right in since we first ran that story nine years ago tom days organization has grown to more than five thousand active members who play at four thousand funerals every month if you want to learn more go to our website fox news.

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