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News with Danielle van ska thousands of people have gathered outside the imperial palace in Tokyo, where an ancient ritual is unfolding to bring about the first abdication of Japanese monarch Fatu centuries. Eighty five year old Emperor Akihito is hunting the throne to his eldest, son narrator and in his thirty rain. The United States has reiterated its determination to defeat the Islamic state group after I s released video of its leader Abu Bakar albuque- Howdy for the first time in five years. The State Department said it was clear the fight against I s not finished despite his loss of territory in Syria and Iraq. President Trump is bringing in tough rules for asylum-seekers. They include fees for lodging applications, currently free and barring those who end the United States illegally from getting work permits while that claims processed asylum advocates say this will punish migrants who often desperately pull the university of Cambridge. In England has announced a two year inquiry into its historical links with slavery, the university wants to find out if it gained financially from slavery in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries an advisory body will examine whether Cambridge scholars reinforced race based thinking. Public buildings have been set on fire Integris Cowper to capital of Honduras during a day of protests against the government's plans to restructure public health and education services masked activists threw petrol bombs as police used tear gas and Australian cricketer has blamed misunderstanding. After a social media post led many fans to think he had come out as gay the former international player James folk ner had suggested on Instagram that he was in a five year relationship with his boyfriend who was in fact, his business partner. He now says that is not the case while welcoming the support he got from the LGBT community BBC news. Welcome back to the tool on the BBC World Service. I'm Nikki Beatty. And we're in Warsaw. Poland onstage at the Agni, Ivanka or shed skull music studio of polish radio, parliamentary elections are this. Yeah, I'm we're here exploring how artists are reflecting life in the capital of a country where opinions deeply divided succumbing up. I'm going to be talking to rights at Yaqoob chick who's turned his novel blinded by the lights into a hit TV show artists. Luca rice ski still with us and will be hearing more from musicians Gazarian, Paolina, Shiva and Warsaw village band. But first comedy now and Philip van debrum. Thank you ladies. My name is Bill vendor. Brim and I did live many years in America. And I lived in Netherlands, but I was born in Poland raised in Poland. And as my parents, recently, even though I didn't ask I was conceived. Somewhere along the border between Croatia and Greece became quite concerned with my parents lifestyle when they were young because there is no border between Croatian grief. I recently went to my dad infuriated with a whole list of countries. This means that could have been conceived anywhere between Macedonia Albanian Serbia-Montenegro Bosnia-Herzegovina or Kozovo because all those places are between Croatia and Greece. What in the world where you guys doing? When you grow up in three countries, and you're conceived in twelve more I suffer through a lot of identity crises. On my very first day in the Netherlands, and nice Dutch handyman was helping me moving. He said, I don't know if you know this, but polish people have a bit of a reputation for stealing in the Netherlands, like, I know. But he did surprise me with what we steal. Apparently, we steal tools wrenches and drills and spanners and stuff. You know, top priced commodities thought what has happened to the polish people? We used to be somebody man we used to steal BMW's from Germany now, we still screwdrivers from the Netherlands. How have the mighty falling? But in my opinion, communism, really changed the concept of fun in poem. This is a big problem when our generational gap with our parents, they're like, they're fourteen different types of toilet paper store's how much more fun. Do you need? I grew up in the west when we had birthday parties was kind of an undue stood thing that everybody comes with a gift. Somebody brings you Cologne. Somebody brings your wallet in Poland. Everybody pitches in for the wallet. And the party's not in like a fancy restaurant or a club. But usually takes place in somebody's tiny apartment, and they always make you take your shoes. You can't meet the love of your life would never.

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