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Yeah then if I can leave you with this one theme that seems to be lost and that is what you have seen what the chairman has guided the committee in doing very effectively is to establish the misconduct of the presidency of the United States or this president I think we cannot lose that and on Wednesday it became more embedded not only in our record but should be in the psyche of those who are looking and listening and will see it over and over again can people cannot ignore the persistent and continuous misconduct that we're investigating Sheila Jackson Lee cereals will help us delve even further into other aspects of misconduct the journey of an impeachment inquiry or not impeachment inquiry is that when you determine that there is misconduct you then move our two article one and you proceed section two clause five and then you proceed with the idea of articles of impeachment we're not running away from articles of impeachment we're building it on the trail of misconduct that was evidence very deeply on Wednesday and now we're going to make a journey that also includes don McGann if he does not comply will be subject to jail time and fines this is yesterday was yesterday we're now moving further in to the deepness of the investigation on the misconduct of this administration right just running to answer very clearly yes this and we're crossing a threshold absolutely when you think about the the the the mode that we were operating under before it really was an oversight function we're now crossing a threshold with the filing of this of this with this filing and we are now officially entering into an examination of whether or not to recommend the articles of impeachment so it's we have crossed the threshold I just wanted to make that music you're looking leave office he's five house I don't know with all the.

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