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Uh an aolf member with four guys headed by pauldenaultand we are going on this journey from southkorea to newyork joining this young girl meizhai in search of her pig oca to save oakcia from its you know eventual to eventual under demise vied told us winds in and her you know corporation that is genetically modifying pigs in order to feed people what are the mohanit's just another one of those movies um and you know you've got jakejohnhall playing this crazy animal whispererhe goes for host he goes i mean everyone in this movie is playing such a character but that's what bong does you know director bong is um kind of a curator or a master of character uh character is not caricatures but characters and i think he is able to so brilliantly tell a story um in a very visual way but also it's so multilayered that you can leave going was as an anti corporate america movie rose at a nutritional movie was a pro environmental and it's all these things it's it's it's about innocence lost it's about love it's about friendship i mean there's so many things there and also it's funny in its satirical and it's a clashing of cultures movie which is what we kind of felt shooting in southkorea as this like motley crew of americans for and australiansandbritishwe all kind of came into the situation like what are we doing here and is is gonna work and that's exactly how we are in the movie all kind of mirrored did you with us mmhmmi can remember that spend much on with told at all been speaking she's looking makino like a realm of conflict another pointed religious she's just she's the best actress spent way more time with her during the press over time i yeah i mean i never shot with her we are in sequences together but the way that director wrong shoots sometimes you'll never actually interact with the other actors but the like you'll shoot your portion of a scene ml shoot the other portion another day ruin and sometimes actually it's very rare that you shoot a scene from start to finish.

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