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The latest on the car no virus impacts on the economy and Florida at the top and bottom of the hour news radio WFLA it's twelve minutes after seven by the way we got one of the more boneheaded predictions here with corona virus Washington post well supposedly conservative opinion writer Jennifer Rubin said that meanwhile she was appearing on MSNBC's A. M. joy and she said that there's a particularly cruel irony here that is their core viewers the Republican older viewers who are most at risk basically she's saying Republicans are gonna get corona virus more than Democrats are so if you want to protect yourself change parties I guess that's it that's the solution we've all been waiting for a family change parties site to put it this way but there are very few well she said I'll be less Democrat desk should be used toward fewer but because there will be fewer mass gatherings and there will be th less opportunities for people to congregate and share this disease in online but if you want to protect yourself according this woman who changed parties about about in Washington where they've been hit pretty bad by the corona virus pandemic the Pelee up I don't know if I've got that right Pelee up police department in Washington is get this asking all criminals to put a halt to criminal activity as the corona virus pandemic is under way on surely will they're asking so kindly I think they'll do it here is their statement due to local cases of covert nineteen the police department is asking all criminal activities in the Farias behavior to cease we appreciate your interest paid a cooperation halting crime and take all the criminals in advance we will certainly let you know when you can resume your normal that sounds like something from the one of the others joke magazines or something that is on their Twitter page yeah and you know somebody holler right back there well when can we resume criminal activity we have to wait too much for four months sure no they said we will certainly let you know when you can resume your normal tone of actor criminal they let you know Jack if the patient before you continue criminal activity Hey this is the bay area has lost a hundred million in economic impact from sporting event cancellation easily they are a hundred million and this is estimated because we were set to host the Firestone Grand Prix here in Saint Pete and out Dallas bar championship out of March madness couple of those big games out in major events in these different sports all different sports and the the wrestling thing WrestleMania WrestleMania tell that hit so hard yeah this was before the that this number was I think I got it from Tampa Bay business journal but that was before even losing WrestleMania and that's not to mention viper's first season ever yeah they're done the lightning on their way to a potential Stanley Cup that's right I said it that season right now suspended we don't know when it's going to come back and then the rays spring training all these three and not only the raised about the Yankees the blue jays and Donnie then the Tigers in Lakeland I mean it's it's all around the Phillies Clearwater Phillies in Clearwater thank you and the NHL season obviously it's going to have a big impact on downtown businesses because of the people to go to the games and they go out and or is there they go somewhere before the games if you're a small business and you need a loan you need some help we've got you covered as far as the information if you go to our website WFLA news dot com it's all there for you it's seven.

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