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All right, everyone. I'm going to roll the dice here and take a guess at what you might be thinking at this moment. You're thinking, how the hell did Vladimir Putin make it into the lineup of individuals to be explored in this podcast after all, it's called giant's history, and this guy doesn't exactly fit the Bill. Well, I hear you and you wouldn't exactly be wrong and thinking that, and I almost didn't move forward with the Sepah sewed after considering that very notion. But then I thought for better or for worse, this is a guy who has intrigued a good portion of the world for the last few years. And if I enjoyed this story as much as I did, then there are certainly others who would enjoy it as well. And also selfishly an episode like this is a nice way to shake off the dust of antiquity after spending. Almost a year studying Cleopatra and Caesars World. Although I have to admit there are some similarities here between those rulers and the one where exploring here today. I remember thinking after Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine, in twenty fourteen that Putin was a head of state, unlike anything the world had seen for very long time. And for those of you who aren't familiar with the event were only slightly familiar with all that went down. Here's a quick break down, and this is over-simplified, of course, but it will get the point across as to me, this was just a staunch Shing to hear about in the news in the year twenty fourteen. So Ukraine is a sovereign country in eastern Europe plane his day, and it's not a small country physically, it's about the same size as France from square mileage perspective, and its population is almost the same as Spain's about forty five million people. And Ukraine is bordered by seven other countries all wrapping. Around it. For the most part, with the exception of a portion of its southern border, which is actually the Black Sea and jutting out from the mainland of Ukraine is a peninsula that's about the size of Massachusetts or New Jersey. And this peninsula is Crimea and just to point out the obvious again here it's a peninsula. So Crimea is physically connected to Ukraine. It's not connected to any other country. Now it needs to be noted that the Kerch strait which separates Crimea from Russia is only about two miles wide at its narrowest point. But Crimea is not connected to Russia it is or was I should say now physically connected and part of Ukraine, again, a sovereign country, but in February of two thousand fourteen oversimplifying things. Again here for the sake of time. Vladimir. Rootin- the sided that he wanted to annex Crimea into Russia. Now annex is a fancy way of saying that Putin simply wanted to invade Crimea and make it part of Russia or to get even more blunt Putin wanted to take Crimea from Ukraine. Now, this is not a perfect analogy by any means, and I'll probably take some heat for it, but it will serve its purposes and get the point across. This would be like Canada, all of a sudden invading Michigan and taking it from the United States, just absurd. Well, this is what Putin did. Now there was some historical reasoning behind Putin's decision to take Crimea mainly that Crimea was previously part of Russia for two hundred years before it was gifted in nineteen fifty four to the Soviet Republic of the Ukraine. There was also a referendum put forward by the people of Crimea as well, but that's all superfluous to the larger point Putin wanted Crimea. And so he just took it. And this sounds like something that you would read about taking place decades ago, but this for all intents and purposes just happened..

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