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We can football postcards. The team this week is me Bruce Millington along with Mark Langdon. Dan, Charles in the studio and over at power towers in on and we've got party Powell's. Jason Murphy loads of domestic football to get stuck into as the battles for all the top divisions resume after the international break and the boys will have all their very best bets. But before that we will review a really interesting international week of action in the six questions to each and then the lights on so the one they wished they are so done charts. We'll start with you which countries had the best start to the euro twenty twenty quarter how well offsides probably England. I'm not that the game expects them to win. Anyway base is the manner of the performance is as well. It's a start started little bit slowly against the checks, but green. So that game Stony was obviously find I stay in the Montenegro all even more impression. To that to respond from a goal down the hostile atmosphere and the manner that we played off the boys whereas on the boys, everybody's working for each other look to really slick Saudi it was like watching I one of the Germany when I when I were guy really really, well, just everybody knew the jobs is just such a clinical impressive performance and an all concede him another been in back strongly, but only that's worthy radio. Great johnson. How can that team? Get better who's to come in. You got the defense is the office while we've Gomez and Stein's, you know, they come in. That would have been tested that we testy mobile better teams. But you have got better plans to come in. And so when you see too many weaknesses there now throughout see especially rice now coming into midfield. He looks really good opportunity in that that was spoken about as an area. Weakness Henderson is easing proven over time for me on the national stage. Look looking in in the game against Montenegro when he came on these policy and Ryan impression me now. He's he's. Not just break up play. But he's looking good on the ball as well as lot so many positives for England. Yeah. So looking good in a mall who off too bad starts who? Would you say blond, we bogeyed the first cut holes while supplies Portugal of the of the beginning of the hold is on the big nations, hold enough games or suppose against Ukraine and Serbia renowed are going off injured early against Serbia. Obviously wasn't you know, what would have been so hoped for by the way, you're on axe hundreds of the Champions League because he back for that. He says he he says he knows his body. And it'll be by. He certainly doesn't always boating looking at it does. I mean, if the big nations it would be them. I mean, all of the home nations. I mean Scotland or absolute joke, you know, the the Kazakhstan performance just ridiculous. I mean, I heard a rumor that they turn the heating up, and so they closed the roots on easing and made it difficult but Russia so when they're one as the couple of days later. No avenue this robot soon having the dental surgery but been back for some arena surely off Wei round causing stolen was the hall that game. He's meant to be the cops in their all pleased at cried off when it seems going. Well, what if you go back to when wires, we we do more for your or twenty sixteen? Everybody turned up every single time. They might have absolute sees nothing happens. We've all Ireland as well. You know on the new seems to be more more plays crowing off. There's clearly programs aerospace who are Scottish. Writes a mutt. Walker because he's Paul the Talton all me, or at least he was Paul the refusing to go he went to more. Bayer and watch the on the twenty one instead because there are few there were few Tano meal Mont to savannah, so making their way down to San Marino..

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