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Index is plenty in anywhere from three to 5% a tumble of more than a thousand points in the case of the Dow Jones industrials After the closed Zillow group handily beat expectations for quarterly earnings and revenue the Seattle based online real estate company put out a disappointing forecast whoever and that has shares sharply lower in extended trading Boeing made it official this afternoon it will move its global headquarters from Chicago to Arlington Virginia The aerospace giant whose roots are in the Seattle area said moving to Northern Virginia near Washington D.C. makes sense given its proximity to its customers and stakeholders and its access to world class engineering and technical talent That's your money now I'm Jim chesko northwest news radio It was a night of severe weather tornadoes tearing through parts of Oklahoma and Texas ABC's morea Villarreal has more from Seminole Oklahoma Violent twisters sprawling across the state's overnight One ripping through the city of Seminole and taking out much of its power Officials reporting significant damage to structures objects barely identifiable inside these demolished trailers This school torn to pieces roofs pulled off homes trees uprooted debris stretching across the streets There's a large path of damage Their power lines down there are reports of gas leaks things like that So there's a lot of things that we have to look over and check for Another tornado in Maude hitting a nearby farm A similar scene in northeast Texas 6 tornadoes reported in the state powerful winds pulling dirt and debris into this funnel cloud near Cromwell.

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