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Postponed, the state of the union address set for the twenty ninth of this month until after the partial shutdown ends today. Trump sending a letter of his own postponing military aircraft for her to us on a trip to Afghanistan and Brussels AP's Jonathan Lemaire reports a spat as delayed any real work on ending the shutdown communicating not across the bargaining table, which you think would be needed to solve the shutdown, but rather through nasty letters that are dressed up. And of course, the politeness of official Washington, but underneath it really carry some heat. Trump has now canceled the delegation's trip later this month to an economic forum in Davos, Switzerland, all the while some eight hundred thousand federal workers are caught in the buying the number of those seeking unemployment benefits top ten thousand the week of January fifth, but only those on furlough can apply. Those on the job are working without pay. But they're not eligible from ask for asking for the. Benefits IRS worker. Shannon LS tells Casey TV and Kansas City, she's been called back in expectation of a flood of tax return. I am now officially one of the essential employees. And so I will be forced to go back to work with no pay three. Chicago police officers have been acquitted by a judge of charges of trying to cover up the two thousand fourteen police shooting a black teenager Liqun McDonald to try to protect another officer who pulled the trigger Reverend Martin hunter McDonald's, great uncle claims trial was unfair verdict says to police officers that you can you can lie cheat. Steal rate, Robin tillage. And it's okay. We we will we will support you and make sure that you never see the inside of a jail cell. The officer who shot McDonald Jason Van Dyke was convicted of second degree murder in a separate trial. He will be sentenced tomorrow. This is a P radio news. Harvey. Weinstein's defense attorney bows out instrument Brockman filed papers to withdraw as Weinstein's lawyer. They say in a joint statement, it was an amicable split. It's still has to be approved by judge Bronfman. One of the city's top defense lawyers has had numerous high profile clients, including Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Sean combs and Michael Jackson two weeks ago. Brockman persuaded the court to drop some but not all of the sex assault charges against Weinstein. The departure had been the subject of speculation for about a week in an Esquire profile of the lawyer. He calls Weinstein, the kind of guy who gets a second opinion on his tuna salad. Warren Levinson, New York an avalanche at a New Mexico. Ski resort is injured. Two people prompting precautionary search for other possible. Victims officials say there are no others caught in that slight accident happened despite a series of precautions taken this morning ski patrollers evaluating conditions setting off explosives to trigger slides before the slopes were open. I'm Tim Maguire. AP radio news. Or listening to the AP digital news network. Scientists behind the world's largest atom smasher wants to build an even bigger. One officials at Sern the European organization for nuclear research, presented this study fruit future circular Kaleida, the multi-billion-euro one hundred kilometers circumference tunnel could start operating in twenty forty. It would sit next to the current twenty seven kilometer large Hadron collider near Geneva, which is perhaps best known for helping confirm the sub atomic Higgs Bozen in twenty twelve officials hope for decision by sons twenty two Member States within the next few years about the project. Scientists say the world's permafrost is getting warmer. The study published Wednesday found temperatures increasing by an average of no point three degrees celsius over a decade. Research is working on the global terrestrial network for Palmer frost collected samples in the Arctic Antarctic and high mountain ranges of Europe and central Asia. They found the biggest rise in Siberia, where frozen soil temperatures rose by law point nine degrees celsius between two thousand seven and two thousand sixteen. Scientists say the increase is tracked global warming. Generally, they noted the flooring poma frost contains organic matter can release greenhouse gases further stoking climate change. Japan's economy is facing new risks because of its declining population, according to Bank of Japan governor, however, he co Kuroda he's told fellow financial leaders policies must be created to prevent the shrinking population from hindering economic growth Coronas flooded Japan's academy with cash through central Bank asset purchases since taking his post in twenty thirteen to help fight deflation and keep the economy growing. He told the seminar that while conventional strategy of controlling short-term interest rates as well understood the unconventional methods. The Bank of Japan has adopted can have unexpected consequences quotas that one of the potential pitfalls could be if banks used cheap credit to seek higher yielding high risk investments harmful to financial stability. The standoff goes on I'm Tim Maguire than AP news minute, Idaho. Republican congressman culture says President Trump was right to deny a military plane for house speaker Nancy Pelosi for an overseas trip. 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