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So share our threetenths running a success a program so first of all you want to be transparent that it's of beta program because this definitely takes the pressure off of you to a large degree right it doesn't have to be perfect because they know it's a beta test your participants aren't expecting it to be perfect end they like being a part of the process and number two is be clear with participants what the expectations are you know you're you're gonna want testimonials and feedback so let them know that that's going to be asked of them and give them an idea of when you're at a want that you know safe for example you're in it'd be launching maybe it's a ninety day beta per gram just set those expectations ahead of time um i knew i took a a beta program a few months ago and it was about live streaming and they were very very clear you know we're gonna need to have your feedback we we wanna know how to shape this program but we also knew they were going to use that for testimonials i think just being really clear on what's expected and when it doesn't mean you're gonna get one hundred percent of the people giving you feedback but the more used that those expectations the better feedback you're going to get offer reduced price thing and let the people know that next time the price is going to be higher because that's going to create a sense of urgency like we have a better joins us now 'cause next time they're going to increase the prices and the biggest thing to keep in mind is after momma stuff with this to to really embrace the feedback and criticism don't you can't take it personally right and you can decide you're either gonna use that feedback criticism or you're not it's totally up to you not every ones feedback you may feel is is correct or right and that's fine but just be open to.

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