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Bernanke Sexiest, said chairman ever. It's silly and rust on the big hit show show. Go, Boom! Hey, big myself with this show that's coming up in the program. Mike hasta over sports. The world of sports were opening up for But here we are rather man Major League baseball game this year, But I want to know is if you've got a bunch of season ticket holders, let's let's just confirm at purposes if you have 100 season ticket holders, but she only leading 60 people in the door. Yeah, Ha! Does that work? How long have you been a member? How long? How long you been with Godric? This asking how it works, because it's probably the 25 year. People are going to get first off for the three year people are gonna be icy. Maybe right. It's because they do that with other. It's seniority, So I think it's just seniority. A lot older people will be there. Ready, OK, because they're seen all right. Darren Mercer, bringing a trading platform to China and Hong Kong, whereby investors the biggest, well class shift in the history of this world, happened roughly 10 years ago eight years ago. In China and Darren Mercer is that the tip of the spear with respect to been tech company company as launches insurance business, It's not a trading platform. The name of the company is called M I. C t u m i c T Dash inc dot com. On. They're probably trade on the NASDAQ. Are you guys raising more money? Because you had a huge race last week. They're talking about that. Very good question. No, we don't know, raise any more money, Not in a short seven or millions. There are no plans whatsoever on the horizon to do so. As you said, we were raised $140 million in the last two or three weeks, which have left is very, very well capitalized, and I think it's important for people to understand. We didn't raise that cash to support some huge cash, Berg Within the group. That was really that's who funded the growth or two off the key strategic divisions insurance, which are set in in the earlier question. Is going ahead of expectations on bond. Additional working capital. There will accelerate the growth on of course, the Imminent launch of the stock trading up. It now allows us to compete on almost a level footing with our competitors by offering significant margin finance to the underlying customers s. I want to talk about something. I started talking about liquidity very quickly a moment ago. I start talking about delusions. And so that's so have you heard arbitrage. Advertisers kind of company comes less. I wanna race. That's why put money into Russell's tequila factory. Okay, I want shares of your company, Okay? Yes. I want a future guarantee I could buy other shares at a discount price. Usually higher than when I saw you say you're stuck for you a dollar right away, but just talking a dollar, But But if it goes, but I'm gonna also be able to buy at 1 50 who goes to three. I saw one by one. Great idea. So how arbitrage investors do they want to be one? They give you the money. They sell this first amount of stock, which kills your stock price. They just wait for the warrants to get better. Okay? Sucks to the company. Sometimes it Ziff legal manipulations, which I never liked arm across personally, You know, I'm talking about right, Darrin. I mean, that's So like, you know, and you know, my next question's gonna be. My next question is going to be what if you're not gonna raise more money? What happens to the warrants? If those you know the underlying warrants in your last rays? If they exercise this one's going to sell what happens then? Well, I think is you said in your first question, Carrie $100 million on the balance sheet already you have a huge you never almost a third of a billion dollars in the balance. Correct. He's always said that towards that, and for sure. Yeah, we are. Well it that ballpark Absolutely. Okay. Hey, listen before listen to me. Listen, report. Let's get out of here saying we're not here to raise more money. Okay? Well, obviously warrants also, if you have those options are worth people have to pay for those good. Okay, so it's a cash. We can just we changed our minds there. That's a guaranteed contract to buy stock and a future price. So, so let's say the options are 1 50. Right. Okay. So when the stock price over 1 60, you're in the money by 10 cents right per script. What? Can I go the other way? You know, they just don't ever exercise your warrants. Okay, You never get to that. But it's a cash windfall of the company. By the way, Good. It's good and you can't exercise once, so they just can't just good years on the money. This is such an important It's this is why I like Darren on every single week. Give this license Darren before we let you out of here. You anticipate the launch of Europe's upcoming stock trading program. And, well friends of service in the coming weeks. Is that still on track? Talk to us a bit about that before I let you go today. Very much, So we, as you know, we had our license approval boot. About three weeks ago on do you process to acquire the remaining 91% of the Hong Kong Broken report is all but done on Did we expect to commence testing of our up as early as next week? There he goes, most.

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