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I will it is that by any chance of where the moniker the fans addiction came from was from that promotion. No no that came from a that came from a long time ago and honestly it was a it was a joke has started off as a joke <unk>. 'cause I used to be a D._J.. At a particular club I won't say the name of it but it was a it was a gentlemen's Club and one night when I was watching a Jane's addiction came in with Dave Navarro they all came in they were partying having a good time and got to actually interact with Dave Navarro and everything like that and like talk to them is just an insanely cool guy <hes> who took me very well and so that night we were joking around and I was wrestling at the time in one of my friends at the thing said <hes> you know those guys Jane's addiction your professional routes around here. You must be the fans addiction and I thought he it was really funny and I liked it so much that I started using it and just kind of stuck in you know I thought it was unique. I hadn't heard it before so I thought it was a coal a coal thing and be truth be honest. I can't even remember that one guy's name but I thought I was lying. Oh Oh very cool. I like it. That's that's a good story all right so <hes> before we <hes> got officially interviewing here. You had told me that <hes> you actually have been I'm doing you did some training in your career as well. Tell us about that. Yeah honestly <hes> out of all the things I've done. That's fine stuff. I'm most proud of like the friends and family that I've actually been able to train you know the I think the most successful one out of every guy I've trained so far is probably Roy Cizek you know he's out in California and out much everywhere right now pretty much winning retitled that isn't tied down. You know he's doing fantastic all over the place right now. He's Russell D._D.. In Japan he's you know you know all kinds of different television shows. He won the defy making champions like you know he's killing inspecting partner Joyal. They're doing fantastic. Super Super Proud voice. <hes> Cody Devine's another one of my students. He's he's on California right now. <hes> Kayla crush who wrestles with me at which Lebron laughs. He's another one of my students but you know I've been pretty much <hes> training for about eighteen years now in had some insanely fun matches with my students and you know pretty much. Those guys are like family to me brothers in a big bad way in a limited S._O.. At of all the things I've done you know training those guys C._N._N.. Come out and become L. really good at what they wanted to do. And it's a very social thing for me so yeah yeah very proud. Will you okay so yeah I gather from a breeder interviews that I've done when the student gets to face the teacher in one of their first matches if not the first match. I hear that it's really really fun and it's really exciting for both parties. Is that the case yeah yeah. The first time I got to wrestle. Roy was on a Lucia show out here not literally allows like a a smaller Lucia show <hes> it was first Hugo's Lucia back back when they're still running out of this little bar and we just got to go out there. It was just a mash that I set up because I wanted to get him the more experience in so I kind of set it up and <hes> we went out there and we just had a blast and it was a lot of fun in Royce said that during some part of the match I like did a Tokyo Bay over and landed on him and we kinda landed in the front roll and I didn't hear it but Roy started. He said that one of the fans dislike leaned over to his friend and was just like this is amazing. This is awesome or something like that and he got a huge kick out of that now being one of his first matches out <hes> <hes> wrestled cody several times you know like a ton of times of Caleb crush to like all these guys you know you get to I get it to get in the ring with the National Se- them apply you know the things that you've been going over in practicing with them. It's really cool to watch him. Grow beyond what you've taught them. You know one thing. I've always taught my students or you know. The as I've trained is that you know I'm not your only trainer seek other people out your you could. If you only wrestle me. You'RE GONNA come. You're going to get really good at wrestling me but you have to learn from other people as well like I start you off the next show you some stuff like yet. She started but you know you're not GonNa be great listening to one person go out and listen to other people find other trainers. I'll always be here if you need advice or if you want my opinion in on anything got your back but you know as soon as you know go out and find other people who could teach you otherwise 'cause wrestling is so subjective on the different ways to do things so go out there and learn from the best and keep going and so many of my guys have done that on on proud of how much they've grown right yeah I would. I would say that it's Kinda like that thing where like Fay say you have a problem <hes> <hes> to draw a parallel say like you have a problem with your car and you take it to the same mechanic over and over again. They can't fix it well ticket to another mechanic because they have a different set of eyes so it's Kinda like Kinda like that parallel where you you have somebody else looking at say a student in this case so they can see you know. Give you some more advice to hey. Try this or do this or you know that kind of stuff so it's it's kind of getting you like you're saying kind of getting more influence from different directions yeah exactly and like a you know. Different perspectives is also key because you know I can look at you from my perspective all day long and say. I think this'll be good for you. That could be good for you but you know you go somewhere else. Completely different wrestler is just like try this. I saw this guy over here. Try this this one time. Why don't you try and then it fits you know it's <hes> in a learning from different perspectives is always key like you should never show somebody out? Never you know if somebody gives you advice even with wrestling after a while things could get very annoying with people telling me try this. Try that but you know you should always listen to it always just kind of take it for what it is especially guys with experience if they've been around a little little bit they've seen some stuff. If they've got an idea for you you know listen to it in and see if it applies if it applies great if it doesn't cool you didn't lose anything you know but <hes> other people giving you advice and trying to you know hand you a couple little nuggets of information if they take their time out of their day especially veterans if they take the time out of the data pay attention to you and they see potential in you and they want to help you out. You know <hes> definitely take that advice. I you know I tried to do that. You know I try to do that for a lot of the younger guys out here. I always find it a huge compliment win you know younger guys like filter or Curtis Cole or Austin Logan those guys kind of reach out to me and ask me if I can if I have anything forum or I watched their match in Ohio. We started out of my way to do that for him. Because it's it's a huge compliment me and I know it's just you know trying to get better at aircraft so if anybody's listening this young man ask everybody for helping and they can help you it will yeah yeah cool so let me ask you about <hes> something another little kind of off the tall topped off the wall topic so in Lucci Lebron laughs if the listeners don't know by now there's running commentary during the matches so the comedian that was had their set before your match joins the master so mony Comedians <hes> for that match. It's right after them now. Do you get distracted or even get amped up by some of the running commentary during your match. <hes> you know every now like most of the time I don't pay attention and I just kind of tune it out and kind of paying attention to what I'm doing. I'm paying attention to the crowd mainly so the commentary I don't really listen to it but every now and then a joke will sneak through in a day sometimes even makes me laugh you know <hes> <hes> our host for a long time <hes> was Bobby Valentino and when he was introducing me to walk to give me the ring is like and Bobby will tell you that he always says I'm GonNa save a wrestler but he when I come out there it's always dangerous being a comedian favorite wrestler because they just they just Rabi the whole time so <hes> on the way to the ring. He's the one who's the first guy ever say that I was a called me the the boy with the Dragon Tattoo and and so has become a favorite line of the commentary team now they they'll bust out every now and then <hes>. I always hear that appears through when they say that I think it's hilarious. <hes> you know being the fans addiction one of the commentary team said at one point you know all the fans here in the Oriental theatre are addicted to three things <hes> cutting adding themselves cocaine and Lonnie Velez in and I thought that was hilarious said couldn't stop laughing you know in my matches about start and I'm just like giggling to myself so I try to a tuna melt because they're hilarious and I just try to not pay attention but every now and then they get me and it's it's always a is always hilarious funny. That's I can see that. I remember some of those lines. That's that's great alright sober yeah they are <hes> and it takes it takes talent to <hes> if for example the Comedians that come into lutely rain last it takes good talent to ad-lib you know something they're not. They're not exactly completely familiar with would you.

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