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I guess coach Peterson and the bird starves drive barberry jeeps today UP I okay I'm just a job in the cable W. twenty four hour traffic center now the eyewitness weather forecast with C. B. S. threes Katie failure and a steamy afternoon in store with some sunshine heat and humidity building to the point that we top off near ninety degrees just watch first tree shower thunderstorm at some point this evening or later tonight we took down to seventy three through the overnight tomorrow back to some scattered showers otherwise clouds and high of eighty five but by Friday we do try out it's a breezy and cooler day with a high of just seventy four come Saturday watch for fresh rounds of scattered she. some storms eighty one degrees and back to the sun on Sunday with a high of eighty seven right now eighty three degrees sunny skies of the broadcast center in spring garden ready to get away to a place that's uniquely magical enter for a chance to win a uniquely Orlando sweepstakes go to visit Orlando dot com and enter to win in Orlando vacation including a four night hotel park tickets and more enter and visit Orlando dot com slash. this check on wallstreet sponsored by crash proof retirement dot com where you can see videos of people who have peace of mind with their own crash proof retirement system the Dow up one hundred and thirty five and a half points the nasdaq up sixty three and a half and the S. and P. up about thirteen points right now. you know your Amazon speaker is also a radio ask you to play KYW newsradio afternoon I'm Kim globis red garland Deanie is at the editor's desk along with Dan mica three things to know at two fifteen eighteen years ago our nation was rocked by planes flying into the twin towers the Pentagon and careening into a Pennsylvania field the day we remember those attacks and those who died the NC.

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