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The prince version but it's also dave navarro's birthday so if we could please place in disease version of kiss he doesn't do some jane's addiction for potty break still alive that we should honor prints well we honored tom jones we honored we are honoring away tom stole still alive he's seventy eight seventy eight he's good looking seventy eight yeah he looks good he he tends too much but you know and i i remember i was just i was kinda like tom jones but i never but when that record came out the lead and how to swing swing swing it yeah it it and it's got all kinds of different cover remakes of pop saw our rock song so it it's so good he is so good and i thought if i buy one after i'd love to see tom jones i know carry it was you know it's like pink floyd or yours is tom jones jones yeah well i would think the king of las vegas in our would be able to help make that happen dylan take your dad to see tom jones i think he's tried i don't think he's come to vegas for a longtime he may not be a he may not be touring much these days i think he has his wife died you know and he's been very he's been he's been kind of sassy ben devastated was devastated playing the hampton court palace festival in london thursday june twentyfirst but that's because he lives next door to the hampton house he just lives right next door yeah so he's yeah hi how's it going all right i don't have i just had no thoughts going through my mind all morning nothing tom jones is touring bill where's all over you tell me a little bit because k is right next door he's in germany he's in finland he's not here is he the american dates i'm looking here denmark italy once you go to sir denia and has lovely beaches and i hear it's great this time of year i think you need to go some sardines in sardinia it's an august you have time to plan a trip now we're going to chicago and i can't do that anyway go to smart wind from shakespeare play so i anything interesting happening you guys yesterday nothing interesting happening i mean i did soon i.

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