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Goes rimmed it behind that app. But it's grabbed and cleared by glad high in the air back to the lightning defensive zone. Bark after the puck stamkos sweeps. It away though to Kutuzov turns two point oh, accelerate the middle, etc. Crossed the blue line lost the puck to McCann bouncing around at center ice. Where is it point gets it point at the offensive zone sets up at the left point across the kucherov top of the right circle. Single. Stamkos. Centerpoint happened right circle kucherov right to go back to stay got blocked and cleared by Barkat down the length of the ice. No reason why he should pass after three passes you should shoot dimming slips Sergiyev what away left in the penalty. Now Ziani Gord across the blue line rights ago, Ernie backhands it cross as for Cologne. Born left circle the point circuit, Jeff right point, Tyler Johnson lightning in the power play six two in the third. Here's Ernie by the that. Adam Ernie a little pass blocked by Wieger Wiegert keeps in moving to sceviour sceviour out shorthanded with Lambeau to want to cross the blue light takes the right circle. Shot saved by demanding lightning might have gotten away with a penalty, caloric work. All right. Power play. For the lady continues gorge slips it equinox down though enrolls at back down to the ice over five hundred minutes gone in the third lightning lead. Six two on the power play for another twenty eight seconds Tyler Johnson marches to center. Canes. The red line across the drop pass Ernie has to wait for it. And actually slipped behind it came out of his own Comoran, baggage center time on down to the penalty drops it for mcdonagh does pass it to the goalie Dominque being takes it behind the net and works at back to Ryan mcdonagh. Right wing churn act is time out of the penalty the middle. Anthony, Sara Lee at center ice fumble the puck bit of a scramble power play for the lightning Petrovic dumped it out to center ice dried at hunt picks it up hot crossed the blood center point zips it behind the net. Haley after loses. Mcdonagh can you clear it up? The nearside hunt. Knocks it down dried at hunt is checked by colleague who finds Matthew Joseph. He'll bounce to Sara Lee. Anthony Sorolla spins it out of the zone. Dole tried to one time it back down the ice for Haley Healy shift scoops it in pressure from bark hobbies wedged off by Chernick battling Barkov. In the near corner itself from Joseph who escapes to center ice. Matthew Joseph to the red line? One arm today. Nearly seven it's got to the third lightning lead six to act by trying to clear the zone held. It had been left point shot blocked. Rebound is taken by data in the near corner by Matheson, right.

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