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So once the secretary, Florida state needs to be needs to be reinstated. If this guy is going to get away with this. Yeah. Exactly. I would have the moon. And here's another one the moon bad. Presidential candidates attacked the call for his resignation. I mean, this is the first day of black history month, right? And and he would be replaced by a black guy. Eight four four or five hundred forty two forty two. What do you think what's going to happen to the governor of Virginia? He is. He is a democrat someone said that the last line of of his of his heartfelt apology. That's what they're going to call. It a heartfelt apology is should be. And I'm not going to resign. Thank god. I'm a democrat. You don't want to when a when a democrat does something like this, even if he's twenty six twenty seven years old. It's a youthful indiscretion. A Republican does it. Racist. That's the way it works. Paul. You're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead, Paul. Our? With Whoopie Goldberg after cheers. Black fits with her on stage. Yeah. That was way up to eighty four. So I mean, how come it's a problem? Well, he's a liberal again. It depends on your political perspective. Oh, so it's do no wrong. Democrats. Right. Well, look at it. I was thinking about during the break. Look at Trent Lott. Remember him? He was the he was the Senator from Mississippi and was the was the Senate majority leader and Strom Thurmond was celebrating his one hundred birthday. He was still the Senator from South Carolina. I think it was his hundredth birthday. And he ran for president is a Dixie crap that was the that was they broke off from the democrat party and forty eight. He was the governor of South Carolina at the time because the Democrats had integrated the armed forces. And so so Trent Lott said he was just making a joke and trying to make an old man feel good at his birthday party. And he said, you know, sometimes Senator Thurmond, I think it would have been better if you had been elected president in nineteen forty eight and they they ran Trent Lott out of his majority leadership position. They basically ran them out of the Senate for saying that just trying to be just trying to say, something, gracious and. Nice to an old guy who wasn't going to be around that much longer. And this guy this guy is going to get away with it though. And again, this is going to be if he gets away with it. If he gets away with a nut still say, he's a heavy favourite to survive. He he will he will prove the double standard once and for all, thanks. Thanks for the call Paul. What else is funny too? Is that if you're a democrat, you can't be judged on one indiscretion you made a million years ago. But if you're a Republican, you cannot only be judged on indiscretion, you can meet judge on hypothetical indiscretions that you made thirty years ago. No evidence, if they feel they have if they have an inkling that something happened. You can lose your job. Will remember Sheldon? Whitehouse was the guy who was really a grilling Brett Cavanaugh the Senator from Rhode Island. White House was grilling Cavanaugh about what he meant by pufus or whatever that word was in the in the yearbook, and I'm thinking to myself, wait, a second Sheldon Whitehouse, didn't your son get into some trouble for some underage drinking a few years back, you know, with with one of the Chafee kids, you know, the Yankees riding around Rhode Island. Drinking their brains out underage. But of course, nobody ever mentions that you don't because again, not because Sheldon Whitehouse Yankee, it's because he's a democrat. So he gets a pass his kid gets a pass. Everybody gets. You gotta be. It it's the democrat immunity from prosecution. So now now that he's confirmed that it's him in the picture. We've moved to the stage of the news cycle where all the reporters. Call every democratic presidential candidate every democrat elected official and ask them. Should he resign? Right. That's that's where this is headed, right? I know you're saying that cynically, but I think you have to ask that. Absolutely. You do you know, especially Cory Booker got all that free ink and airtime today because he announced I mean now now you gotta hit them with a real question. Right. You have to and Joe Joe Biden is taken all this crap for being called a racist. Earlier in the day ask Joe Biden is he still down here in Fort Lauderdale. I don't know. But he tracked down Joe Biden, by the way. How is it time for a national conversation about black face not by Megan Kelly? She's not getting into that one again tau if she were still say we could have a town hall with Megan Kelly and the secretary of state of Florida, and maybe be Trent Lott could come back from his lobbying job in DC. I'm sure there are other ones that I've forgotten about have gotten into GM's for stuff like this. If they asked Kamala Harris about it. I know at her answer would be let's move on. I remember what speaking of Kernersville, which figured it. Police blotter facts. I remember one time. I think I don't know if it was great Swisher is father was also in politics in Kernersville. I think it was the old man, whatever his name was the the older Swisher was at a city council meeting one time, and he spoke in black dialect, and even in even in like, the Sabbath these North Carolina that was a big deal. He took a he he didn't have to resign. But he took a lot of crap about this is this is really gonna be enlightening. How this how this plays out eight four four five hundred forty two forty two Tom you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead. Tom. Say how you know if the Republicans were really serious about couldn't a night between this jokers shoulder blades. They would get Justice cabinet already issue. A public statement, of empathy and support for this guy. But you know, what Kavanagh did was was so inconsequential compared to this. And again, the age difference the difference between being I think I think Cavanaugh was seventeen wasn't. He wasn't. He a junior in high school when? Macho stuff appeared in the yearbook. So it's the difference with it's it's almost ten years difference in age, those are those are ten pretty important years. Aren't they? Especially when you figure again, north of north of didn't go to light Green Mountain college Hampshire college where everybody's smoking weed all day long. He went to he went to Virginia Military institute. VMI he he had he had a he was from a disciplined institution, and then he went to medical school, which again is is not not an easy thing any medical school. And yet he still behaving in this fashion. I'm just trying I'm trying to pretend that I'm that this these a Republican, right? And and I'm on MSNBC or CNN. So there's there's a CBS reporter how he was asked Governor Raimondo whether she thinks the governor north should resign. And apparently, the New Jersey governors is just directing all comments to the democratic governors association. Well, you know, the the governor of New Jersey's got a problem because he just they just broom the case one of the one of the campaign female campaign workers claims she was harassed by the head of his his Hispanic officer, some some PC affirmative action office, and they just broom that case, so I'm sure governor Murphy the last thing he wants to do is get mixed up in in another one of these cases like this and how you were asking about the difference in age. Well, actually, they really don't let you rent cars until you're over the age of twenty five because your brain isn't fully developed. So he was twenty six he can rent a car breath. Cavanaugh could not ever just doing comparisons. Here. John, you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead. John. And I like to tell you you have a fantastic crew. Thank. The point that I would like to make his that. I put the governor of and. Of New York right up there with pedophile. That's all I have to say. They're exactly pedophile. It's you know, they're they're not they're not having sex with with children. They're just, you know, governor north rim. He I don't care. How you spin. What he said. He basically said they were just you keep the baby comfortable while you have a discussion with what you're gonna do. And one of the texter says are they keeping the Democrats keeping governor north room comfortable while they have discussion about what they're gonna do with him. You want some coffee governor house he air conditioning in here. Sometimes sometimes governor those of us in political life. Find ourselves in. Circumstances that the coin of phrase might be described as tragic and difficult and sometimes governor for the good of the mother's health candidate is comes is born with severe abnormalities. And you know, it's it's better for all concerned. If we just well, you know, governor you understand you were a pediatrician a pediatric neurologist you understand what it's like eight four four or five hundred forty two forty two. I'm gonna I this is going to be an this is going to be an interesting evening on on the on the moon channels. This is this is one of those things where you you really wanna see see how they're going to remember remember when I made the war woop in in Bangor, Maine. Thank you for that. How he region? Not one of those things that you tend to forget, Rachel Maddow made. It seem like I'd been doing the goosestep and the the the Heil Hitler salute on the show now. And I think history has proven the I was on the right side of history that night that day now who's gonna get who's going to get a tougher time on Rachel is is is the governor of Virginia gonna get a now, especially since you came out for infanticide earlier this week on WTO P radio in Washington is he going to get a tougher time or an easier time than Howie Carr Ola. Now that.

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