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Well come along to help you. Cut it in the hairdressing industry. Podcast my name's dom lane and this podcast as you just heard in the intro is one. I've been wanting to have for a long time particularly as we are now here in england in our next lockdown and many of you are thinking about a new direction in where you go in so who could be better than actually talking about online education than one of the best. I believe in the business. A huge fan of is our love style so delighted to welcome onto the show. The incredible chris. Moody chris welcome to how to cut it down. Thank you so much you such a pleasure to be here. I have to tell you real tingo just as as the show is stocking up there. It's it's such a privileged. This really is the gold standard of podcasting. It really is so excited to be on it. Thank you so inviting the suic- solano just before coming on and you know a saint. I'm i'm i have been a big fan of us for a long time and you know if there's anything we can learn from when it comes to be an educator is you really chris i know you deliver it to so many people i mean. How many people have you do you. Reckon youth now educated in hairdresser to become educated. I dunno most i dunno domino must tens of thousands in the last is really amplified in the last nine months since we went into our original lockdown in march all of our businesses pivoted since march. I think i've done about three hundred and fifty four hundred events. The biggest event is probably had about fifteen hundred people on so <hes>. And most of the mavericks between fifty and one hundred people on a lot of those event so just in in this year alone in twenty it must be thousands but over the years maybe tens of thousands. I don't know i'm very privileged. I feel really blessed that people come and listen actually so it's really humbling. Think he's become such a big part now. There are so many people the want to become hairdressing educators. I suppose because there are so that you know that a lot of headdresses out there and ha handwriting education has become so accessible but also think you know in the uk all of the uk and island addressing has always been at a very very high standard. And i think people are recognizing in order to compete in to maintain that standard and to keep sort of pushing the barriers education has become more important than ever. It's not enough now to just simply learn your craft over three years or whatever and then you go into your behind the chair unpracticed. Craft things are changing all the time. Fashion technology styles of people are recognizing that they need to keep up with it. So i think as more and more an then it becomes cyclical as more people recognize. How much more there is to learn. The more people feel the need to learn it so it becomes absolutely anita you. You must hear it so often there where people say yet. I want to go into becoming an educator. And that's what. I wanna do ready today. Christie's learned from you the stuff that you take. Because i just to clear up the you have a few kind of different ports where platforms way you educate you. Chris just give us a quick heads up on those that you do provide in people that are interested in becoming educators. While i work a lot for a couple of different brands i work a lot for a global brand of which it has many different subsidiaries and do a lot of education for them <hes>. Helping teach their trainers and helping to sort of evolve their education. I have some partners in the usa. I work with one of my original teachers. Guy chris barron who's a still a mentor and coach to get mine. And i'm fortunate that i now partner with chris on some platforms of the us in north america within. And i also. I'm part of a program here in the uk called the high performance educated with good friend and business partner. David barnard as well as well as doing some of my own stuff but primarily. I'm working in partnership with other people off or offer major brands for global brands. Now i interviewed. James atkinson the life. Who's a very good friend of mine. He's pretty good friend of yours. To and i said to him. I said chris just there seems to be so many things that you've grown in. The industry has leader name. And i think. I'm curious to actually know who you are. Chris because i see what you do with the education but just give a bit of back history to use the person that you are and how you've got to wear you wall well i. I'm just a working class lot from nov town. I originate from bombs bonds lease really good for producing headdresses. I don't know why bombs lease home to josh. Would andrew barton robert eating. You know we're all from was something in the water that creates these bombs. Lee is a is itself. Your peebles south yorkshire. It's a small mining town in south yorkshire. It's a very humble town. It's a lovely place. I'm proud that i'm from there. I love the place. But it's a very small town humble beginnings

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