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Narrative weakened in our community, and I'll take the understand when you say these things you're hurting us. You're not helping thinking. You're putting us on like you ain't put me on. A Shit brought. Telling me how we I. am how I can't do this I can't do that like you said with the school system. All that proves how racist. They are to believe that we're not even able to read. Do is speak English properly like you know I have like I think probably I would say because I wasn't big on school because i. Realized that was living school was not a priority and I think maybe that kind of saved me from being indoctrinated him. Anyways, 'cause I'm just looking at how you know the way that our kids is now is like IOS. Like. How can we BE DUMBER in time? We supposed to be smarter on our but date, but this keep insulting us saying of the need help. Clear black feet warm like Noboru nothing. We're not poor black people. I don't want to be looked at that way like Oh 'cause are black, I'm not. I can't do this like that's insulting to me. I don't know how anybody else's take that as an insult, but for me, that's insulting. We overcame every serious issue in with black people. So, how do we get to this point I? Believe we can't do something. Like even when I voted for Obama first time, it was like Oh, I, you ought to. You. Voted for him because he was black, but not the same reason why you voted for him because he was black. I was just tired of hearing. Blackie would excuses. Everybody's do whatever you want to. I know he can't be president and like ha ha. Ha. We got one now. What is your excuse now? Because there's nothing we cannot do this all we don't have our own air for business. I said wrong again. And these are the things, or we don't have all banks wrong again. Stop thinking that we. Can do things be, but we don't show that, so the more you don't see the white. These kids want to be drug dealers. Because that's the only people heard that they see a successful. You know. Become doctors. He's all the people that was be called names like were saying earlier accident, so you don't see acting white, so you don't see them. People in the community, so they don't know that is other options to be successful in job. Is 'cause having Nice House? They don't see these options. Only options they get is depend the drug dealer and scammers. And the and the and the and the and the Jack. Boys so these are the only options, and they're all negative options, even though I fell into that trap myself, but at the same time these a negative attitude, there's other ways, but if you keep pushing the people that are able to let them see that away from the community, only leaving them with four options. So, what do you think is GonNa Happen? Because people are GonNa go by in our community. Why a lot of times we have to give tangible things they've been told is the whole life that they actually have to see something now in order for them to fully believe it like all right. Let me see what you. We said he was going to do. It is well. Let me see it. That's when they'll start. Kinda like waking up because they'd be like. Oh, it really happened. That's why with me. I'll use my son example because I come from that I'm like look grow. Look at me. Look at me Bro. How can you not do it and I? Come from the aim at the circumstances you. How did I do it? Oh, he got paid or he did magna Bro. I change my mindset. I focused on what I wanted to do. And I did it right right, and and and until we develop that, and I think self confidence right, and that a lot of this really stems from insecurity and talking about one this happened. You know Shelby Steele, a pretty good job of talking about really in the mid sixties at the problem, the thing that happened in Black America. America that changed everything and this is such. An interesting thesis is freedom, so he says that you know. When Black Americans were actually fighting for their freedom, because there was a real struggle in place, they were doing everything that they could, so they were being upstanding citizens. Families were together, and it was just a whole different. There was an actual community because there was a real struggle to fight for, and at the very moment that they got freedom things change and he says. Is An interesting philosophy that freedom after years of actual oppression is a very hard concept to grapple with. Because your whole time, you're fighting for people to realize that you're not unequal like I can be equal on the same as you please. Please please and violently society says Yep done you get your freedom. And then he says people actually over a period of like shock because. Because you're so used to being in this cave, because now they have to grapple with the fact that they actually aren't equal because they shouldn't be because they've been. You know systematically oppressed, but now you're. You're mixed up with white people. White people are more well. Read than you. You know they're doing better at math and all the stuff and the only way that you can. Can catch up is through hard work right, but people don't WanNa do that work, right? It's easier. You feel more comfortable saying. Oh of a reason we're not. There is because question, so you get into the self defeating cycle because the only way you're gonNA, catch up is if you do the work, which not going to do the work because you know you, WANNA hide behind. Behind the Boogeyman of racist racism, now and we've been behind the boogeyman for a very long time, right? We're not challenging. Our kids do the work. We're not making our kids study hard it. We're not our kids are not accelerate school. The gap has not disappeared at all between white and black Americans academically. Our kids are not graduating high school high school at a good rate. We're twenty times I m prison where families are broken down all of these problems and we refused to address any of them, which is why just fine the black lives matter movement to just be rooted in fraud, and it just a lack of courage, complete cowardice I would support that movement in a second if they were talking about what we're talking about. If they were talking about black on black crime, but they were talking about abortion. If they were talking about father absence I'd be like this is yes finally. We are having a real discussion with ourselves, but we won't do it because they only focus on a Pacific type. Of problem that is the least about problem, so I always I always eat. Oh, say this like so. Are we going to focus more on the leaky faucet or the fire in our kitchen? Like what do you think is more point? Okay, we did. It could be a problem eventually you know if we keep letting it happen. Maybe it'll become a primary leaky faucet. Bill might go up a little bit. The noise might be a little annoying, but.

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