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Here on 7 20 Northwestern Open their 2020 season with a 43 to 3 win over Maryland Saturday. Wildcats visit Oh, Iowa, next in the W G and forecast body damp and chilly overnight. Tonight, some snow or wet snow is possible in the pre dawn hours, especially in the south suburbs. Doesn't look like any of the precipitation is going to stick with for a low 34 for tomorrow. So what's nowhere wintry mix in the morning otherwise clouds break in the afternoon Sun Sunshine returns. Still on the chilly side with the high around 40 for tomorrow night clouds scatter cold low. 29 Wednesday Partly sunny chili High 48 Thursday cloudy windy with a chance of rain high 47 And on Friday, clearing skies, windy and chilly 5 45 from the WG and Weather Center on my camera, and I'm Vic Vaughn on Chicago's very Own 7 20 w G. N Order. Continue. Ms Garner with the capital one venture card. You were an unlimited double miles on every purchase every day. Objection. My credit card doesn't earn double miles on every purchase. I object to your objection with the capital One venture card. You were an unlimited double miles on every purchase order and right now earn 100,000 bonus miles. When you spend $20,000 in your first year, I don't know it. No further questions, Your Honor, We'll just one. What's in your wildlife. Limited time. Offer terms. Apply C Capital one dot com for details. Biology identifies the right people for your job and actively invites them to apply. Which is why you should try Zip recruiter for free at separate twitter dot com slash try Monica did. And that's how she found Lamont, her new project.

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