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Brother of mine had Have that experience and he was down at Cornell, and they offer him the stem cell procedure. But he turned it down. Big mistake, you know, turned down, so he's doing very well now, but I was wondering Two parts. How is how they do it with damsels and heart failure and improving heart muscle thie rejection factor. It's never too late, by the way, so what research over many years has described Is that when you extract your own stem cells Not umbilical, amniotic guard forbid aborted fetus. You take your own stem cells out, Spend them in a high speed centrifuge, and you put them intravenously. Stem cells will go to any area of damage Degeneration, set up shop and make brand new cells. So that of course, includes your heart. Your lungs, your liver, Your kidneys, your pancreas. Your gut wherever blood flow goes. Stem cells will go and repeatedly divide. Divide, divide, divide in the billions and billions to be able to create repair. We have lots of patients that are either diabetic. Or that have heart failure or have lung issues or kidney or liver issues. And when we do the work up, we find out that the echocardiogram shows that they're ejection Fraction is not great. And these people may have an ejection fraction of 30 35 40% 45%. We've seen a variety of different numbers and typically over the course of a couple of months. As we repeat that ejection fraction with the echocardiogram, or we're also looking at other hard factors. BNP which is the natural peptide approaching that leaks out of your heart. When it's week, collecting the marker of heart feeling when you look at a variety of markers, as we would test a person to see that their blood sugar's coming down for working with diabetes or their kidney functions are improving. You can see that they're ejection Fraction, and they're hard workers come up nicely. You've had people go to the fifties 55% from one stem cell ivy over the course of a couple of months, So the literature has been there for a very long time. So how come Cornell is not really Seems like I can't answer that in a variety of ways. Ah, very great, doctor that I know. Head of a great hospital when I explained everything to him when we were doing with stem he wanted me to do in his office, sir, and I'm not gonna name hospitals or names. He was thrilled to do it because he saw the results. You saw what we did with diabetics. When it came to it, and I even put his name on the paperwork to do this. The hospital interfered because they didn't want it to happen at that hospital. I think it's because the hospital is fed a massive amount of money from the pharmaceutical interests. Surgeons. They're doing me and other surgeries probably didn't want the word to get out that stem cells might be able to repair your name. You don't need surgery. Endocrinologist don't like the fact that A person can be diabetic and go to this procedure and become non diabetic. So everybody says, Why isn't this in every doctor's office in every corner? And there are a lot of reasons. There's mohr Political, um And I guess business financial stuff going on behind the scenes in medicine in traditional medicine than almost anything else, I think. So you're saying basically, you could do it intravenously, of course, And it's that you can show history where I've documented poverty so absolutely So doing intravenous themselves from your body from your bone marrow. We've seen evidence on improvement for brain with M s. Parkinson's Alzheimer's stroke, macular degeneration. Of course, people get their sense of smell back cause you're dripping it. You know, drop by drop into each nostril over about 10 minutes. We've seen results for heart. Lungs, liver, kidney, pancreas, you name Look at the videos on the Web site you'll see. One of those results. Yeah, but I'm just went wide. The case cardiologists when it was mentioned recently gave raise eyebrows and say, you know, it goes against his income. You could go on and look at this. Research yourself. Go to scholar dot Google. Or Google scholar. You know, there are literally millions of studies on stem cell therapy for every degenerate disease known to man. So The literature is there One file of faith. Don't think what about a seven or heart flutter? Does it help that? Yes, we have a lot of patients that we've treated that are diabetic, or they'd have a variety of different conditions where we do the stem cell Ivy. And for many of those patients, but also have a fib. You see the a fib repair and the have not returned. And we've put people on weeklong monitors. We've done all sorts of different things to evaluate the benefits of the stem, and we've seen that. So, yes, that's also possible. Well, OK, it was on my website. You'll never in a million years believe that people with some of these bad disorders can have such significant outcome. Traumatic brain injury Look at the videos, you'll be shocked. And there are 6000 articles on the Web site for you to look at. And you could scroll through those studies and look at all the different diseases where the research describes the benefit. Let me have the website again. Www dot DRC. El Dr cal dot net. Very good time. Great. Look forward to seeing you. Thank you for your call. Okay. Phone lines are open at the office. Of course we would take Cole. Get your message Playback first thing in the morning. 516794040 for his garden City. Plainview is 5164333232. 1 808 for a W A B C. Let's go Mark in Irvington, New Jersey. Yes, sir. Didn't like that question combination of the Play with rich with the stem going into anywhere. We're partial menace sector With that we generate cartilage. Both the meniscus seen tears, the meniscus and tears and ligaments, tendons, connective tissue cartilage. Repair with stem cells. NPR P No It's good that you bring up the combination because the only time you're getting a combination of stem cells with P R P Is if you're using your own bone marrow. Well, we did stem cells from fat years ago. You did not get P r p from fat, so we had to do a little add on blood draw. With a kid to get blood's been that in the high speed stem cell centrifuge to get Theoden Inal P R P. So with bone marrow, you're getting massive amounts of stem cells and PR Appear P doesn't even generally compare could bring back the partial meniscus that had been the new You're thinking of cutting off a lizard's tail in the whole tail Growing back? No. You're not going to grow back inches worth of tissue. That was there, however, overwhelmingly patients that have tears in their meniscus who've had meniscal surgery and have pain..

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