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Acton right. It's longer just two BS of legislation right in your own words. You said it has a lot more teeth than the previous directive. Yeah exactly sir. And we're seeing that it's taking time for companies to to Kinda Gen- into the I would say the whole philosophy that has when GDP are came out a lot of companies or or complaining that it was such a heavy undertaking to be compliant and it was a lot you know still a lot of red tape and things like that making clients more complicated for companies and so. I think the whole point of GDP are came into effect was kind of lost in all the you know the e-mailings that we got from companies trying to to sell services for compliance. Because it was seen as something very cumbersome very expensive but now I think there's a shift in mentality that people are starting to see that that it's really beneficial benefit from a company point of US forces you to kind of an overview of all data that you have in use data and positive. Wayne data commercial mate that me. You didn't realize that you in the past right and so it's Kinda you know cleaning the house and then once you clean it up you realize. Oh Yeah Well Mississippi. Really Antonin we can. Do this can do that. And and seeing it more as an opportunity than an obstacle over that shift seeing Mass Dab. Six six.

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