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As an outsider living here now is that how a your democracy is turning or has turned oregon a oligarchy how was like now politics and the election is just decided by who has the more money which is is is also very disturbing of course as weird the people are kind of like strangely not okay but we can be complacent about us idea it's like everything gets corrupt and weird where just like that is how it is no because here's the thing you have already have a system in place where you trust the voting system but we're going to put your own senators or representives in congress and the senate crate and the thing is certain rules has to be changed for example that i mean i again as an outside osaka lake why would a senator order congressman stay more than two terms this idea of career politician is really disturbing why it there should be a limit of how much lobbying and how much campaign money should be put in politics but the thing is the people who should change this laws are the senators are the congressman will never changed his slots so you see how can you go around itself here how how can you go around this it it it is all of these people in congress mp all these people and senate the could sit under asses android the most horrible health care bill ever because they have their own healthcare that will never be effect mmhmm so in a way you are already living in a political bubbles up riley can protests all mum as much and this is this is the divide that is really worrying or a slick or a how much i mean there's like a couple of years ago there was like a a senate north it was at north carolina there was like a senate trays the cost one hundred forty million dollars whom.

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