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Meanwhile, it is conspiracy day on the Medved show. Your day to expose some of the hidden aspects of perplexing present events. Let's go first to Jason in Columbus, Ohio. Jason you're on the Michael Medved Show. I'm doing well. Yeah. So I don't know how this is going to turn off a whole lot of information. I guess we're gonna come at this the way most conspiracy get started in a large platform, and I'm the starts founding stuff. I don't know to be exactly true. But I'll start with what I do know is true while back in September. The sunspots solar observatory in New Mexico was closed and at the time. No one was leasing any statements sheriffs that work in that area. We're going to the observatory saying, hey, why is this close the FBI closed it and FBI wasn't giving him any statements. They wouldn't say what they closed there for the people to work. There were all sent home. There's a post office attached to it. Everyone who works. There was all stay home. No, no work. There was told it was going on. And it was you know, radio silence from them for at least a week while it was closed down. It opened up really said anything when opened back up right now. But they've they've since it opened back up. They've announced what the problem is. Right. You know? You know, I've I've been looking online to see what they said it was. And I think now it seems like people are saying they're so related to child porn that was being distributed through that. Here's a here's a report holding in my hand from the Kansas City star. And it says a federal search warrant. Reveals that federal agents say they found child porn linked to an IP address at the sunspot observatory that led them to investigate the property of janitor who works there. The observatory director became concerned about comments the janitor made about security the facility and decided to close it down. So was reported by a TV station. KTAR QE agent confiscated personal belongings from the home of the suspect who has not yet charged on Wednesday. What what do you think is secretly involved embarrassing enough? If you were trying to make a cover story for something. Why would you go to child porn? Good question. I would I think they might go to because it's such a taboo subject once you kinda hit that area. A lot of people just kind of step away from it won't touch that. Really? Well, again, they're talking about a specific janitor who was arrested and apparently is facing prosecution. The the Albuquerque journal. Says that folks that work at the laboratory asked if we could send a deputy to stand by while they were evacuating all the employers were packing up and leaving. There was a lot of hysteria about this. But the observatory is back back open. What do you think was involved with the sunspot observatory there had to be something a little more than that? When it first happened people were saying, like, oh, it's just, you know, they're serving the sun and someone said they saw spaceship traversing, a father, son. So they deleted all the footage. And I'd like to be real. I've not been wanted too much aliens. They said that someone said that the Russians were hacking microsatellites and stuff that they own there. And they were using that to trying to infiltrate the US somehow, not seem more likely to me, and I guess. All right. Why again, given the fact that that so much nefarious Russian activity has been exposed and today, President Putin claim that he has just triumphantly developed a new super weapon that's going to be undetectable, and we can't possibly shoot down and that can deliver nuclear payloads anywhere in the earth flawlessly, and by the way that may all be questionable. But the point is if it were Russians involved in some of this, of course, that would be publicized as much as possible. I think the idea that there are aliens particularly concerned with the sunspot observatory the sunspot observatory was built in nineteen forty seven right? Okay. Yeah. And and I I don't think it's involved with anything nefarious that some people think that sunspots are the real culprit in climate change. And I thought that might be where you're going. But I don't think any of this involves so far anything nefarious. But I agree with you that this ended up being a big story a much bigger story than you would think if it was just one.

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