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Actually in the car looking at the Y, right? I didn't know how to turn the heat on anything. But I had to wait. Wait. Take a nap. He was really sweet. He was he was in rapid eye movement. Wow. Righty? So beat my dating horror story went out on a date. They walked to beat Cadillac Margarita or something. And fell asleep on the date. Studied would normally when you wake up you're like how long was I sleep for like an hour and a half. I was just got a car services. When I you know, what I'm just gonna go to thirty percent of emails mad. Alrighty, so beat my dating horror story, y'all hit us up eight six six two four six eight nine two three. That's eight six six two four six eight nine to three flip deniro, leave me alone. Big boy. How did you never? Lady. Chummy treasury down. Plenty I dig digging budget deli. Off. Goes. Doc. Real already know that. I'm inhales the kitchen within a cabinet. The loudest, my weakness. So all my lever scale Williamson's in forgiveness. What goes around comes around like hula-hoop? Kalma is is up just may show. Beautiful. I'm dangling. The pay attention pay me. No. This incident. I went and field. Oh. At the. Ray charles. She is starting to. Tell me baby. Outshoot for a second squeezer. We didn't take off and go anywhere baby. Not. Bag so she'd wow. Maybe. Yeah. Failing game, right? Yeah. Right. Fame, right. Ninety two three. Elliot's new hope for hip hop. Big ones neighborhood. Beat my dating horror story. Went out with a guy who fell in love within five minutes at the table. Sweating the enforce that he did not get possibly on. Molly. Angelique get a sub guy fell asleep on a date. They would you know, he fell asleep for like an hour and a half they walked on the beach. Had a few drinks. He got in a car any fell asleep. She waited an hour and a half before she woke him up. Hit us up beat my dating horror story. Let's bring reintroduce neighborhood breed. Halo. Hello there. Breathe. Breathe breathe. My dating horror story. Okay. So just a regular trip are derogatory ticket in Walpole. To Popeye's chicken. And then from there we went to go some place in. He said in the car he came back outside where like five.

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