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Ease the nerves of passengers at Orlando International Airport the Orlando Sentinel reports the alliance of therapy dogs will help select ten dogs and handlers to be part of a pilot program the airports in Miami and fort Lauderdale have similar programs in place the alliance reports that there were about fifty eight airports across the globe using therapy dogs in twenty eighteen tens of thousands of Hong Kong high schoolers are boycotting the first day of school wearing gas masks goggles and hard hats along with their traditional white school uniforms AP correspondent Charles de Ledesma reports they're showing their commitment to the city's anti government protest movement they have got that in the hundreds after the Chinese University of Hong Kong I'm too public spaces in the city's central business district the nearly three months of youth dominated protests calling for democracy and an independent inquiry into police conduct. will be tested as classes resume after the summer break in the semi autonomous Chinese territory I'm Charles de Ledesma Volkswagen is going to have to correct fuel economy labels for about ninety thousand gas powered cars the order comes from the U. S. environmental protection agency the revisions of about one mile per gallon cover VW's as well as affiliated brands Audi Porsche and Bentley all are from the twenty thirteen through twenty seventeen model years the EPA said Friday that it investigated the gas cars after finding that V. W. cheated on diesel emissions in twenty fifteen the agency found that transmission software on the gas vehicles made them shift differently during government lab tests on treadmills so they got better mileage and polluted less than when they were on the road the softer was on about one million vehicles but only ninety eight thousand were found to have a lower mileage than stated on EPA window.

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