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It was really freaking hard and you know what. I'm fortunate that my wife and I do pretty well in our personal lives and Rahmael consulting company and my wife's a medical doctor running a big thing out back east and and so. I'm fortunate that I don't have I. I don't live paycheck to paycheck and I can literally basically work fulltime on Tusk for two years without having to make money from it. If I wasn't able to do that tusk wouldn't exist. Chimed the one that's going in and by the way I spent more focused on the US gun industry. And I go to more gun conferences than I've crypto conferences because that's where our customers are by the way there's no one else from any other crypto project at any of the leading gun projects. The Gun Rights Policy Conference. NRA Conference of the The SR Sir at an forget national shooting sports foundation their retailer Expo. There are no crypto products at any of them. I'm the only one there well and by the way as a as Zeh Second Amendment Not just advocate believer right As a inherent. I can appreciate that but obviously you got a lot going on. Tell her where they can find you. Because I got a couple more people were going on here shortly. Robin. It's been a pleasure to finally see again man. And I'm hopeful that you're able to hop on the night and join us and be part of the The conversation and you know we'll have maybe a more in depth conversation about this on bitcoin radio but let's let's where can people find you. Yeah you can check us out a TUSK DOT network S. T. U. S. C. DOT network stands for tough stands for the Universal Settlement Coin. Absolutely man I appreciate your time dude. We'll talk to you soon. And Good luck with everything Alma. Happy to hear that you guys are may not and I look forward to seeing the success. Thank you so much. You have a great day. Absolutely bro season. All Right Rob dropping all man look a got a Danny sesame from the crypto show. He's going to be a little bit later. Here in a minute Happy to allow others to jump on a trip all him. Tim You're always welcome as as you know Baz likes to run his mouth but he won't he doesn't want to hop on. Just kidding Bassett thing probably about five or six times David Dave come. Jump on 'em I'd love to hear your thoughts on what's going on with the market anyways but Moving forward you know it takes people like level rob said just a second ago. Is that you know without him being able to you have a full-time job. And be able to sell self-sustained himself between him and his wife's income you know his is blockchain. Wouldn't exist in to me. That's exactly the way that you should build something you know. That's that's how you want to build something that's how you want to be perceived as that you built something because you knew that it was needed. Not Because you're GonNa make much money and you know we're we're all fine with it when we were also making money but now it's like oh they're making money and they stole all my money and look at this as a scam now. I don't feel sorry Tim. It's all good brother. You know I love Eh. You're you're doing your own thing and if you're not tim pace everybody on on social media an all or on trading view Tim. He's been he was one of the first the first three guests three four five guests on bitcoin radio. This dude came from. I've never done my life and within three months had had become the number one most followed person or at least shared. I can't remember what it is. I don't want to speak for you and I don't want to lie about it but the the number one bitcoin charters author you know not necessarily saying he's the best. There's nobody else that's doing a better than literally saying I. Tim Pace optum Pacer here. I'm Tim Pace and I'm trying my hardest and I'm GONNA literally put my my whole journey of never knowing the TA whatsoever to literally knowing Ta Right now and and I'm GonNa Learn in front of all of you and and let everybody make fun of me and let everybody tell me how stupid. I am. Folks Social Media's a pain in the ass it was number one for the binds charts. That's right it was thank you number. One bitcoin author for the Binat starts in. Like for your I mean it takes people years to get to that point still am Atta boy. Heisenberg BTC anyways. But this. This is just a small piece of the Pie. Folks Twenty twenty. It's GonNa be fun. Twenty twenty is going to be fun. I'm not saying that Bitcoin is going one hundred K next year. But I'm not saying it won't right. That's not the purpose of that comment. Though the purpose is to say there are things going on and right now that are drastically going to help the credibility of Bitcoin when I hear about the US government and this bipartisan partisan Louis Printing allowing money to be printed at the level that it is. Let's just say you have ten thousand dollars and you put it. In the bank and traditionally fifty sixty years ago grandparents. They can put money in the bank. They're gonNA make money on that not to mention it only costs like a the one hundred and fifty bucks a month to like to exist. You know But today's a lot different than that day. Because every time they print that you know billion or trillion dollars you know extra money over a certain amount of time that devalue the dollar that already exists. They're not getting rid of any burn. It keep that in mind right there literally printing on top of an over saturating the market anticipating that the world is going to continue to use the US dollar and whether the year that you're the euro whether you're the Chinese won't want you on and And and so forth you're going to be subjected to what your government does to bring about stability and growth the man stop putting money. Start destroying money. Let's see what happens if what if the government started this. Am like we're just going to start. We're GONNA start burning our dollars right like like a token burn man. I mean like that's never we're going to happen folks. Every dollar that exists will always exist. And when you lose your dollar. That's one dollar. They don't have to account for idiots. Let's stop losing dollars. Stop writing on dollars or or riveting and half to do magic tricks crazy call the. USDA stable coin is an oxymoron. More on not bad tempests. Yeah agreed I don't think anybody would be surprised if that comment And less you don't know about bitcoin and and then it's just the same and you just see prices of everything else going up. And then it's the government's fault it is but it's the backwards reason why it's the government's fault. Is that the government's fault because they're raising taxes axes our prices necessarily on a certain. You know my milk. I go by gallon of milk is five dollars. Go Buy Coffee at starbucks is eleven right crazy crazy but why is that is it. Because the companies can but the company's blame it on how much everything else is costing the new taxes but it's really inflation folks inflation Fiat burn recipe. Says David Hoberman. Dave Dave please join me my man if you get chance. I'm sure you can't can't world. She would already done it but I don't hate the dollar I use dollar. You know I pay all my bills and the dollar. So this isn't a dollar hate fest this is. There's plenty of the people you know you got randy or you got rich. They'll sit there and I'll tell you how bad dollars stupid well that may be true. But it's all relative great L. dollars done pretty good for a lot of people right dollars screwed anybody over at a high level just long level of screw you over. So so you've timed out wake up in other words you know. They're not doing it tomorrow but inflation expenses but not your salary. True story you know and that. And that's that's that's another thing like Bitcoin as a deflationary concept perfect man what if they only made twenty one million dollars the US dollars ever think about that folks Tristan join me and I became the links above the comments but You know between people people like Baz view who. I've learned an attic. I talked about last night. Right bows or on the phone. He's given me inside. He's telling me that he's telling me he's perspective you know he's giving give me some hands on what he thinks he's GonNa be buying you know and I and I'm coming back. I'm telling them this you know and you know but that's a fun conversation to me to this day bright like if you don't love this space and look for that opportunity not to make money necessarily to be in front of the future. That's what blockchain's doing folks. That's what it's doing and it's really important to me that the space exists for my future for my child's future for your children's future. The blockchain is the path of freedom. We lose freedoms every day. Don't let any politician ever tell you. They're removing.

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