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To the loyola university chicago team is that team for the first time since 1985 is going to the tournament they are going dance in with a sixty five forty nine win over illinois state porter moser watch dante ingram scored eighteen points in mozambique the former slu assistant is on his way to the tournament congratulations to them in the big ten it was michigan over produce seventy five sixty six so michigan gets the automatic bid purdue will get in but mike it knocked down a notch although they did make it to the final they were moving into that game ranked eighth in the country will see where their seat at one of the best teams in the country purdue fall short against meghan 75 66 as for the sec tournament that is just around the corner it'll start on wednesday at scott trade and we'll get to see georgia play vanderbilt at six o'clock on wednesday night the winner of that game gets missouri missouri is the five seed going into the sec tournament what a season they've had twenty wins after losing for three straight years coach council martin has turned them around their freshman jontay porter moving with 365 days can do for a programme but we've made strides in every area feel like especially after michael and down the expectations for the year went down in terms of the support at mizzou but we really county come together stars coach martin like i said he's done a great job a recall operating in helping is leading a twenty wins the regular and that's that's pretty amazing i wouldn't have thought that as being the season after michael owen down it was a terrific effort by his entire team and it's possible that michael porter jr could play in not only this tournament would maybe beyond could make a strong ronnie's one of the best players in the country's left the door open to returning missouri plays the winner of georgia and vanderbilt and approximately to thirty on thursday and then the winner of that gets kentucky on friday to thirty i'm tom ackerman in jupiter this.

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