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Are cruise ships. They never thought about that being a problem. Of course, it's a problem. Well, we've got junk in space. Now. We never thought there'd be a problem. But we have space junk that aircraft. Other other rockets have to put into their plan to avoid being hit. The breed, right? It used to be on the roadways, people throwing their bottles, which we learned not to do, but the trash. That we got it in space. So you think we're gonna have several cars call them what you will up in the sky and not have trouble. Mm hmm. It's gonna be a mess, but I'm still looking forward to it. It is Sissy. Yeah, it's take 13 it W J. R. This report is sponsored by Michelin endurance silicone wiper blades. Whether can be unpredictable. Be prepared with windshield wipers. Second handle anything. Michelin endurance XT Silicon wiper blades are real world proven for extreme weather performance lasting two times longer. Michelin endurance XT Silicon wiper blades only available at WalMart. I'm telling you again. One of the best things you can do. That's so simple and not terribly expensive and changes. Everything is giving your blades your wiper blades changed way. Don't do it enough to lie, But it's it makes a world of difference. I'm glad we have them advertising that All right. We are going to take a look at our track Traffic for weather. First on WJR with Dana Clark's now sing a 15 minute delay just for trucks across the blue water bridge westbound between Canada and the U. S still watching a closure in Selene. Michigan Avenue of both directions. Eastbound and westbound between Campbell Road and Platt Road shut down their due to a multi vehicle crash Now WJR weather first from the Weather Channel sponsored by agree more floors. Warm up the floors with wool carpets from Reamer floor, save up to 30% on all wool carpets. Now.

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