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Hello there. I'm Mark Robins in both the American and National League we've got some pennant races over the last couple of weeks in the baseball season in the AL west the world champion Astros a fighting than last year. Success is it really impressing or intimidating the opponent shackled, Iran and the fetch J swings down the right field line that ball is gonna fall fair base and radical after run forever to get it into scores. I bet at J. We'll get to third base shirt comes a thrall. He dives it safely with a RBI. Triple of the diabetics. Get the league that goal in Arizona's sport's ninety eight point seven FM Diamondbacks. Overly after four to open takes advantage of the Houston loss of beets Tampa to one to ten as now the Astros by two and a half in the race the AL west and they stay a game and a half behind the Yankees for the top spot in the AL wildcard chase. After the Yankees hammered Toronto eleven nothing, and I'll central cubs Broers figure to take. The divisional pennant race down in the last. Couple of days comes over the reg Friday night, three two at Wrigley. Brewers. Trying to knock off the pirates at home. One down in Orlando bunched up along. Down the line is gonna wind up to. That call at six twenty WTMJ in Milwaukee Brewers stay at game and a half behind the cubs in the central Eric Jones..

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