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Yea good theories died. Yes yes all the master strategy wanted i met. Do you have a good read on who is going to win the game. That's why that's why i kinda dig. What's happening the season. That's specifically what why i think nicole has the lee shot and it's unfortunate because i like her as a character but <hes> yeah other than that. I think it could go anywhere eric. Do you feel like you have a sense of how this is going. I think it's probably going to be a tommy. You're christie win. His is my gut instinct. Holly i think think has played for my money. The cleanest traditional big brother game to keep your nose add things and to do just just enough to insulate yourself and be well protected by your allies. I mean i've liked her positioning and tommy's positioning all game but i really think they have sunk awesome selves with the way they've handled these last few weeks of power and i still cannot get myself to a place where cliff wins not because he wouldn't win the vote but because is everyone knows they would lose a vote to him and i come back to this all season long is that he is you'd have to be out of your mind to bring this man to the final two with you so i think he is in my estimation. The least likely to be sitting in the final two of the remaining players. I and the coles gonna have a tough argument to make this point unless she goes on some sort of a crazy copies run which does not seem that likely she does not have a strong argument for having dictated this action at all i mean if you really think about it kristie jackson and jack i would say say have dictated the vast majority of the evictions this this season and everyone sees christie and jackson as those threats now they might get picked off along this way. I don't know i still feel like whoever's left sitting there of of tommy. You're christie is the likely winner. What do you guys do. What do you think yeah. I been on tommy all season long. I feel like he's going to win but i wonder if it could be just like the nineteenth season of big brother in a row where that tommy gets to the end loses to people that somebody inferior are who the jury doesn't want to give it to tommy. I think that's definitely in the realm of possibility one of the things i've been struggling with is i think these are the six best s. players of the season but that kind of speaks to why it's a middle of the road season for me because they're not that great so gotta win but i mean. Are you going to be seeing yeah. I mean i guess i guess i could talk myself into jackson christie or tommy as having been deserving winners but the other three three. It's it's tough for me to feel like <hes> but then again can you talk yourself into casey and nicole and morgan and josh eve. It's been awhile guides been a minute. Is there any way that the season could play out d- paul abrahamian could come in second place. Is that something if he gets in now and we know that i think he's got a good shot at it. The paul final two yeah america voted in paul's coming back pulse. Come back in let me ask a jess question for for matt. Melissa wants to know what famous movie scenes could. We put justice screaming fall into now matt. You are famously a big horror guy. Could we put justice scream into any movie psycho. Go shower scene would actually be really funny. That's a great idea that somebody do that. Okay so and map before..

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