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Seven right now. I think the band is back together. I'm not sure who is gave in there. Yes. I'm here. Okay. Because I can't. Lacked out for some reason, I guess we didn't pay the cable Bill. I know we are how is the race. It was probably when the coolest things I've ever seen in my life. It was amazing eighteen year old Colton hurdle. One it his first he's a rookie. I ever IndyCar win. So who wanted to golden? Eighteen be nineteen next week. He's already driving as fast as Megan. Yeah. That's amazing. And the the the team owner George Steinbrenner the fourth is twenty two years old. Wow. Both great guys realize cars was such a young man sport mentioned that well today is March twenty six otherwise known as make up your own holiday day. You know, there's all these stupid holidays. You know? We got all these different days. Well, think about this in the eighteen hundreds Sarah Josefa HALE believed our nation deserve today of thanks hence thanksgiving. She began writing multiple multiple letters to politicians governors and even president by eighteen sixty three president ABRAHAM LINCOLN accepted hills proposal, but thanksgiving did not become an official holiday till nineteen forty one that's really not that long ago. So what do you think deserves to be celebrated? What's what's a makeup our own day day our own holiday national cinnabon day. That sounds good national bacon day. How about take the day off work and get paid day? They're called vacation. Yes. Here's what you gotta do though you got to choose the right theme. So you got to come up with something that can be viable, then you've got to seek government approval this to make it a national holiday. Now, you get a hold of your state Representative. They'll issue a get them to issue. A legislative proclamation about your special day of that doesn't happen. I get to mayor the city council somebody on it. Register with chases. I didn't realize the official book of offbeat holidays is McGraw Hill's Chase's calendar of events. So you gotta get it on that calendar plan your festivities. If it's take the day off working get paid day. I think that is pretty obvious. What the fist evidence would be do nothing for it. And then you got to obtain some headlines publicize, the meaning of your holiday sounds like a lot of work. It's like way too much or I don't know. I think we can get creative with this hug a grump day. That sounds dangerous. How about national all about me day? Hang out with a millennial. What are you doing? National day of levity. That's what we need. Okay. I'm an okay. All right. We'll get to start working on the government approval right away. Okay. I'll get on. All right. Michael avenue, audio otherwise known as stormy Daniels lawyers in some hot water. We'll talk about.

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