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Between US twenty four to thirty one still closed because of an earlier flipped a semi. And we now have eighty westbound between Harlem at LaGrange road closed to all traffic. This is westbound stop traffic from Richland avenue. That's because when over turned semi trailer truck that is leaking a fluid. We will look at is sixty five again in Indiana, an accident blocking the right lane northbound at sixty I and two right lanes blocked with an accident northbound at ridge avenue over on the Stevenson inbound at western avenue. We have an accident slowing things down also outbound before Harlem avenue to the displays were bridge. We have stop and go traffic there. That's a fairly heavy traffic there lakeshore drive to the tri-state now thirty five minutes to three fifty five is forty five minutes over on the Kennedy. Stop and go of inbound between diversity and Ohio. And the Edens three lanes are blocked right now. Inbound on the Edens between Lincoln and Nelson center road. Traffic is getting by on the shoulder over on I eighty ninety four eastbound at Indianapolis boulevard, two right lanes blocked with a stalled semi and an accident blocking the two right lanes on route fifty three southbound at northwest highway that two right lanes are blocked there for personalized traffic onto band. Get the traffic Chicago.

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