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I think they did a raw smackdown. And then that was it and look For me to say. Johnny gargano doesn't fit anywhere. Johnny carino's one of my recipes on the planet. But when you look at what the main roster is today. I could listen to you saying. I don't know where johnny wrestling fits. I could listen to that i would. I would find a spot. But i could listen to it. At least what. I truly believe is what johnny gargano has done with his character over the last year and change is proven that he can be on the main roster. I mean i to me. I think the way i think there's too. I think all three really actually now they think about it. I think llegado fantasma could be put on the main roster instantly. I think you know. I think that that escobar santos escobar is just as big a star as you could potentially have i am such a fan of his I think he exudes star power. I think that people are going to love him. On the main roster i think hit ratio is. I said a longtime way before hit row before most people were saying it to tell you the truth that isaiah swerve scott is somebody that i would position myself around. Isaiah swerve scott. If i were to start a company now just had my pick. He'd be one of the first choices that i made. Because he's different he's relevant. He's creative any amazing in the ring like he's athletic and believable. I i just think the world of isaiah swerve scott. And i think this hit row thing is as good a fit for him as you could possibly have which is saying a lot for him. Hit row could be on the main roster tomorrow. There's nothing on the main roster like hit row. It's cool it's fun it's hip and it makes sense. All members of that group have the potential to break out. You know and and i think bringing factions over the main roster would be a good thing. And i think that'd be great. I think it'd be cool. If in one fell swoop they just brought gang wars back and brought llegado hit row. And the way all up to the main roster. I think trevor lee would be great on the main roster to by the way bring trevor lee with you when you make that big swoop you know liberty mutual insurance customizes car insurance. So you'll only pay for what you need. you know. what honestly that's all we really want. You know fairness. They wanted in sports and wanted in life. That's why all sports we love have rules. That's why we have off site so players don't float down the field or the ice and get she breakaways. That's why they're foul pole sidelines and out of bounds in sports. The goal of fairness is built right in. Life doesn't work that way as we all know but liberty mutual is trying to make insurance work. That way that's what only paying for what you need is all about and you.

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