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The mark white show at eight thirty right here on superstation one on one wyde he woo hoo upi the already put it be welcome back into the board faction friday praised that johnson sam warren go and trying to moderate andrea thais yeah yeah i always get little carried away adult dolan and pull you down andrea come on its but it's fun down here if you is what he does one in the dark side all right so getting off of the shift from memo in all of that let's talk about a little known story that i came across about a guy in kansas who tried to enter his dog angus to run for governor i love this story they they apparently a kansas has not of created laws that have specified what qualifications for a governor candidate the they should have so there's was apparently budget highschools teenagers who were trying to bring this point across they enter the race and so this guy got wind of it in the entered his dog angus so the election officials stepped in and said oh way way way we draw the line at dogs actually the dog reply do a better job than the teenagers but anyways they came in and said no no no dogs so let's just play with this for a little while and do some hypotheticals what dog or animal themed political slogans campaign slogan would you come up with if you had gotten your dog into a race and a got further than this guy did okay all right so let's start with you sam um oh accident unimpeded dog odd put the move to a new animal mike the monkey and will law of the country and he's clearly running if the democrats are i and he will eventually turn into a man of devotion and go ahead of a.

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