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So as much as I love sax and his fired up as I am about sex. I'm just about that fired up as well about today's guests former teammate of mine who's had unbelievable career in the NFL just a crazy story. I think most of, you know, Matt Cassel story of not playing at USC and then being able to come out and have whatever it is a fourteen year NFL career start a bunch of games make a bunch of money, and they've always been some questions that I wanted to. Ask Matt including a game that I played in for New England end the fact that people talk about him as the example of why Tom Brady's assistant guy so thankful to be able to get MAC castle on today's big show. Joe? Always good. When I can get a former teammate on the podcast, especially a guy that had as successful career as Matt castle did Matt. It was great to see a couple of months ago at the broadcast bootcamp really appreciate you coming on the show. Oh, thanks for having me, buddy. Yeah. It was awesome to catch up with you and the success that you've had. And the way that you've grown and everything. And the media world was actually a pretty impressive to see my friend. Well, so let's let's start with where you're at right now because, you know, we're talking here in the off season, you're not on a team right now. Are you still looking to play? Or are you still hoping to play? Are you still keeping keeping it open? Or are you thinking that you're probably done? You know what I'm enjoying time with the family? There's no doubt about that. I haven't closed the door to playing they're still that, you know, in the back of my mind, there's still that it's. And there's still that want and desire to, you know to play. But at the same time, you know, I it would have to be the right situation and at my age. I'm not complaining at all about the fact that I'm not not Eos grinding it out and doing all that. And working out every day, so I'm still staying in shape and doing all that. But at the same time, like I said, it's one of those things that it forces you to look into the future and where you wanna go from here. Six teams, fourteen years, actually, wait a minute. Is it seventeen? I think it's seven teams. I'm trying to hit all thirty two before it's all said and done. Gosh, you know, I always talk about high was a journeyman. I don't look at you as a journeyman because of what you did, especially in Kansas City. But I always, you know, I, I was five team seven years. You are seven. In teams in fourteen years. That's unbelievable. Now it's weird because I'm looking at it doesn't to one year. Did you start games in twenty fifteen for both the bills? And the Cowboys is that real. What's pretty funny about it? So I'm going into the third year with. Excuse me with Minnesota, and I get traded to buffalo. So I'm there all off season. And what's funny, about the buffalo situation as tyrod Taylor myself, you, Jay manual we had a battle QB battle. And they, they decided to go with tyrod Taylor, will the very first play of that season, I lined up at quarterback, and we did like this fake reverse the tyrod and a fake, and then I handed off the ball..

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