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It's the boys Iowa, and we need to hang out. So that was crazy. Does tell Martin earlier I posted that and like somehow I think it went viral in like Africa. We just got like fifty like new followers on Facebook. And like that thing has over reach of like, I think it's like fifteen thousand now that's that's like really good for us. So again, you're fan the show make sure to check out our social media. We really appreciate that. So Martin I don't even know where to begin with the champions. The I have no notes. This is the Friday. I didn't shave going to work I feel a little loose. So where do you wanna start, bud? Let's start with. Let's start off with the the other goat. I'd say that was the craziest game. So let's start off there with Rinaldo eventers versus athleti because that game whole the shit. Kevin. Oh my God. Let me just preface give the people some context verse leg was played in a stadium that I can't pronounce because they changed their stadium. They played it in Madrid. Spain Athletico beats Rinaldo Juventus two zero. The return leg is set interin and. Faulk? I just I think I saw a actual human masturbate all all over Athletico Madrid. And that human is Rinaldo scored a hattrick pull that event aside back from two zero down to advance onto the quarterfinals and Kev. I gotta say this without any question. I don't think many people can question me at this point. We're not as the king. The prince the Queen the Princess the sun, the moon everything. Champions League he owns that competition through and through. Yeah. I mean, you could have a great argument that he does I think there's a lot of people talking about comparing Ronaldo's and Messier's game. I think Ronaldo's like messy at the two goals and two assists Renato had the hat trick, which then tied messy for most hat tricks in the Champions League with eight, but I would say his hat trick was more important than Messier's to goals and two assists because of the stakes of coming back from two down, and the fact that messy like to choose this great, but they already they already one was a five one or something. Yeah. Yeah. So I think it's Renato, dude. And he was already texting before the game league saying like, oh, yeah. We're gonna win this no problem like dick oen of such confidence. And honestly, I let it go Madrid stunk. Like, I know it's like their thing. Martin to like sit back. And like take on pressure. But when you're going up against you vent, this at home, you gotta do a little bit more. Don't you think? Martin like I feel like you need to do a little bit more attacking like grease minute. Murata were totally like ghosts the whole game. And I think do just like fuck do something like you can't just keep giving up possession because you vent. Is there? They want this. You know? And it's it's incredible. It's the first time you've has ever done this in their history to come back like this. And it's just you know, Renou does the difference. We're notice the difference and Grysman after the game. He said that every every time I come close to winning a title trophy. Something Rinaldo comes in and steals it from me. And I think that is the most accurate fucking comparison of Rinaldo versus athletic on the dread. He has only scored more goals against one other club in the history of his career. He scored twenty two goals against Athletico. Madrid is scored twenty seven goals against I. It's villarreal. I think so playing in the Champions League and playing against that led to Madrid..

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