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Of the staff and management of this station. This's about you. Victoria Woods. This's about paying yourself first Businesswoman of the year. This is about life is full of choices. Journal Records 50 most influential women it's about It's not what you earn. But what you keep White House Conference on small business It's about education is expensive, journal record innovator of the year. It's about no risk no gain. Founder of Women for Financial independence. It's about success. Sweet success. Governors Conference for Women Smart Girls finish Rich She's the president and CEO of Chapel Would financial It's about consistency will always outperform occasional brilliant and she is the financial diva. It's about the money, honey, it's all about the money. Pictorial woods. Welcome, Tio. It's all about the money, Honey, I'm the financial David Victoria Woods in the diva studio right here with Mr Damon King, the king of finance himself. And our mission. Every single week is simple. And it's the same way our advisors to millionaires and aspiring millionaires as well. And we're here to help you overcome your fears. Frustrations, your challenges. You're concerned anything. Wear the problem solvers of the world of the planet. And welcome to our so We're very, very happy for you to be with us today, and I'm very happy to be here because I've Gone, so I feel like it's been a year since I got to be in the studio with you, Damon, but it still have been a couple of weeks, but it's been a long couple weeks. Well, it's good to have you back. I told everybody last week on the show, I said You know, I think I do an OK job by myself. But let's all agree that the show's a lot better when the diva's here with so well I think everybody would agree with that. Well, thank you. It's been an exciting week. Being back. I can tell you just get back in the groove of of the the workflow and meeting our new family members, you know, joining the C F s family I just had such.

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