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To today's daily podcast We also had a radio show at one time and a lot of people think it was pretty damn special. As a matter of fact we have an archive at our website. We have those radio shows from our national show to our local los angeles show. Kfi to our miami show wmd. Some if not all of wc shows are also featured there. There will soon be more. I think we've got a lot of lives on taste. Gotta be digitized and everything like that why you helping. I mean we're gonna need a lotta help but nonetheless that is all in the in the offing. If you'll pardon the expression as an off put you know yes. Oh you know what. Go ahead giggles. Yeah go ahead mister joke. Forget it to something. World-famous fill henry show backstage. Pass on the fill henry show and now ladies and gentlemen phil forget it and now ladies are encore show for today general right there This is from friday august. The twenty eighth. I believe twenty twenty from last year. It's the thirty days of bob. Do or bubby depending upon her mood. Only i'll do it. It's the thirty days of bob. Do or bobby depending upon her mood and she had steve do a workout. They interviewed on berman and they sing. Respect fill you coming back bucket. Okay i guess not here has folks from the twenty eighth a longest which happens to be mothers birthdays. That right phil. It's the world famous. Fill henry show. And the thirty days of bob.

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