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To take the covert vaccine. It's currently distributing the Chinese and Russian jab free to people over the age of 50, but demand is apparently sluggish. The BBC's Suhair Baloch has being to see the vaccination campaign in action. To find out why it's got off to a slow start. Every morning movie. None of it goes door to door to persuade people to get vaccinated. The government of Pakistan hopes she will ease people's fears family left, but many are still unconvinced, citing unconfirmed reports on social media. Person with Jack is that we get information regarding difficulty of the vaccines where social media or to talk and Facebook, So that's why I refused to be vaccinated. Government started its vaccination program lead and now that the vaccines are rolling out fake an unconfirmed reports regarding the vaccine is slowing down the process. As a result, only 2% of the population have received a job. It is a big deal for many to turn up, even though the job is free, but on lucky breaks in which I was told Corey Vaccine is unnecessary. I might get cold again or die. After getting injected. The people of Pakistan have deep fears about any kind of vaccination campaign. After the CIA operation in me, 2011 go up to the vaccination drive to get to Osama bin Laden. Recently, prime minister inland, Hahn decided to get the cover job in a televised ceremony and later tested positive for Corbett. Health officials and doctors repeatedly said the PM was already infected while getting the job but anti Vaxxers were unconvinced. Islamabad's deputy commissioner, Hamza Shafqat, is fighting the current surgeon fears. Some of the people are not yet convinced about the efficacy of the vaccination, and they still think that probably there is some kind of conspiracy or some something is going on, and probably there being like toe. And for that a lot of awareness is required. And we have involved the llama llamas in this so that they use their mosques and tell people to get vaccinated. No one has found. Religion is a powerful force in Pakistan. Very moms can make or break a health campaign. But there are signs the positive vaccine message is just not getting through more. Lana's all forgot. Emmett has been making announcements at Friday prayers for three weeks. Now evil be making announcements about the importance of getting vaccinated. People see it as propaganda that David get side effects, but people all over the World are getting vaccinated. We have no other choice but to do it for Pakistan. The need to control the virus is absolutely critical. But what is equally important is to get as many people vaccinated as possible. But with many people fearful and a slow vaccine drawl out, it seems a long way off. Regulation to have elicited ballot reporting from Pakistan. Joe Parkinson. How does the vaccination campaign look to you in South Africa and when you look more broadly around southern Africa? In the words bad I mean, you know, the latest data from the World Health Organization shows that North 0.4% of Africa of substance or an African people of approximately one billion Person population have been vaccinated so far. When you compare that against 40% of Americans and farm or in Britain and parts of Israel and the rest of the world, you get a sense of the challenge, I think in South Africa specifically, the government was rightly applauded in the early days of the pandemic for responding in a kind of Decisive and competent way with the first lockdown. But since then, since the AstraZeneca vaccines that they ordered arrived and they didn't use because they were worried that it wouldn't be effective against the South African variant, it's been a kind of cascade of bad news. Really. And as we head into the third wave here, the small number of people that have been vaccinated both emergency services workers and others who are in the vulnerable category really is really is a cause for concern. Join a cook This issue of vaccine hesitancy, those who are reluctant to take this wherever they are in the world. What's your take on that? Where do you look at a zoo being Uninterested in focus for that particular issue. Yes, so it might feel There's been a lot of focus on Ah extremist group imbalance, extremist groups that are spreading and disseminating misinformation and conspiracy theories around vaccines. And this has really been eroding kind of faith and not only government but in in these very valuable vaccines in particular, And when you mention the case of Pakistan before, you know, there's that additional burden in Pakistan, where Vaccine workers historically because of this operation against bin Laden have been targeted themselves. And there is a concern that that there might be some Some security fears for some of these workers as well and I really hope that's that's not the case the point Joe often made about trying to make sure that everyone in the world is vaccinated so that poorer countries are looked after by richer ones in this context, because it's in the interests of the richer countries for that to happen. How does that argument play out Joe Pakistani in Johannesburg on that? Well, I think if you speak to health care officials or governance officials, you know, they've been advocating for a long time that there needs to be significant donations. You know of vaccines to the part of the world that can't afford or can't access than it's a simple kind of calculation really that no one's protected until everyone's protected. That's the mantra on the kind of logic behind that, of course, is if this virus continues to circulate in poorer parts of the World even is the wealthier parts of the world are safe and can move on. With opening up their economies. The virus will continue to mutate and who knows what interational virus will take and how dangerous that could be against the vaccines that are currently protecting people in the wealthy part of the world? What is a shared interest here? It illustrated Jonah Cooke briefly by current statements in the UK about the Indian variant, and at the moment Anxiety being displayed by the prime minister. Absolutely. And I think there has been a lot of concern in the Netherlands as well and in Canada. But what this new variant could mean for us, and you know that the UK has the benefit of being one of the most highly vaccinated populations in Europe right now, and even here, there's there's serious concern about what could what could happen with the new variants and how that might impact the vaccines that are already being that have already.

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