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Giveaway. Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune. All right. Let's get a little ridiculous. We have Gary on the phone. Hey, jerry. We have. Great. How are you? I'm a cold. I know that feeling I'm called to bad. It's nice and warm here in the studio and a warm you up with real a ridiculous. You're ready to play album, ridiculously ridiculously ready. We're going to have a group play here. We've got Roger and Ashley. So it's going to be a group game tonight. We're going to see how that goes isn't might playing. Oh, am I. How quickly we forget. We forget our cobras. All right. This is Jack Nicholson the first fun fact, you let me know if this is really ridiculous, Jack Nicholson says one flew over the cuckoo's nest is one of his favourite performances. Gary is that real a ridiculous? I would say that it can be real to be real. All right. Roger I'll go with real. Ashley. Oh, real real. I'm gonna go with ridiculous. Oh, mike. That's not real. I mean, that's not right. It is real. Right. It's real Mike. Just doesn't like to go with the crowd. Okay. Bye. Not what we're doing. Well, number two. You get a gold star. We're maybe you'll get three that Jack Nicholson was asked to play Michael Corleone in the godfather is that really ridiculous. Gary Rogers shopping in bed. Turn turn. Archer? He's excited. I am. I'm gonna say, let's see. Hold was he I'll say that's true. That's real. Okay. Roger. Yeah. I'm gonna go with real. All right. Ashley. Yeah. I could see it. Okay. I'm still gonna go ridiculous. Well, maybe you should go with the crowd next time. So he learned something you guys are doing great. Not so good. Don't worry about it. Ouch. Okay. Gary number three, Jack Nicholson delivered singing telegrams as a teen. Is that really ridiculous? Oh boy. That's a trick question. I'll say singing toilet. Ramsey's teen us. That is ridiculous ridiculous. Roger I'm going with real. All right. This is getting exciting now. Ashley, I think ridiculous. Okay. I'm going for three goose eggs here. I'm going to say, it's. Real. Mike. I'm so sorry, you need lessons. It's ridiculous. He did not I made that up. But you know, what you got to write. Didn't you get to write Mike? Three. Yeah. What was that answer? Your you said, you got them. All right dead. Right. Yeah. You got that trip me up? Right. You get three gold stars. And even better than gold stars..

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