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It's worth getting that dan lemon who is on the ballot for war for the planet's one last year on the ballot for the jungle so in some ways it's a massive community the effects mary particularly in the post lord of the rings era when it's just become huge and yet we're seeing a lot of the same characters year after year i don't know what to make of that but that's for another is my community and a closeknit community at safetouch yes well thank you for helping to make sense of it caroline g dina thank you and now for my interview with sam rockwell over the course of our conversation at the fess parker doubletree hotel in santa barbara the forty nine year old and i discuss a wide range of topics among them how complicated family situation led him from san francisco to new york and to the acting profession what his outlook was during the many years he spent working odd jobs in order to remain an actor and the many auditions that almost led to roles in projects like scent of a woman dead poet's society unforgiven and er but did in how he always made the most of great opportunities that did come his away complex parts and projects like the green mile moon and conviction winning him the admiration of peers and critics but never quite making him a household name why so many fellow actors have wanted him to be a part of their projects when they stepped behind the camera among them george clooney ron howard tony goldwyn clark greg net faxon and jim rash john fabbro robin wright and ethan hawke and what he has taken away from those experiences what is at the root of his close friendship and collaboration with martin mcdonough who cast them in the two thousand ten broadway production of a handing in spokane the two thousand twelve films seven cycle paths and two thousand seventeen three billboards outside of in missouri and who has called him quote the greatest actor of his generation close quote plus much more so without further ado let's go to that conversation.

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