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Was gonna share that that interesting story uh almost two years ago whoa what's in january of 2016 uh two days before we had that munster blizzard hello we're here yeah hi how many there yeah okay no two days before the monster blizzard we had uh than uh it was on wednesday night we had uh well what they refer to as disgusting and um none of the roads are treated and i was bowling at night i left the bowling alley at eleven o'clock it took me or and a half hours to go thirty five miles bedroom isn't that the beltway just was it was just stops and and the really bad part about that hike was that we had a flight to cash at six o'clock in the morning so uh as soon as i got home i said any i said most grabbed the bags let's go to the airport because there's no telling how long it's going to take and uh we just made it to the airport time i had no sleep at all that that's how crazy was where are you get to sleep in the plane yeah and we'll get all the play yeah did i ever but i i wanted to discuss how how the cold than the snow a x the human body uh three days ago was when we had the first real cold wave come down here and and we had highs it's about the mid to upper twenty and i layered up i layered up big time uh i actually want some long johnson now i have uh three or four laywers uh around my chest and i very heavy parka um i work outside as a mailman i still do a fairly sugar he'll and for the last uh three days i've been walking twelve to fifteen miles in this 20something degree weather and it was the first day when when i had the park on that i i was actually feeling the sweat and i started if the only kills inside i think the parka off the last few days i've actually only war a sweater and uh uh a shirt and a longsleeved tshirt and i felt perfectly comfortable trees which is yeah.

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